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    Vision? Modi doesn't have one!

    Everybody these days is praising Modi for his vision, for his scheme to bring out black money by demonetizing 500 & 1000 Rupee notes. I beg to disagree with those who say that he has a vision. A person who has so many resources on his hands wold not go back on his words, if he had the vision. If he had the vision, he would have implemented and executed the scheme perfectly. Here is a summary of his actions during the last 49 days after demonetization:-

    1. Firstly, he withdrew the facility of using old notes at petrol pumps earlier than the promised date. If the facility was being misused, then an action should have been taken against those who were misusing it. Why the general public was punished for the misdeeds of some?

    2. He said that those accounts would not be scrutinized where the deposit was less than 2.5 lakh. He went back on that count too.

    3. He said that people, who had marriages in their families, could withdraw 2.5 lakhs for the marriage. Where was the money to withdraw?

    4. He told that people could withdraw 24 K per week from bank. Firstly there was not any money in banks, and if it was there banks rationed the distribution to 10k or 5k per customer. For that too, people had to stand in queues for hours together. I saw people queuing up at 7AM in front of banks.

    5. He said we could withdraw 2500 per day from ATMs, but where was the money? I saw people standing in queues at 1AM in front of ATMs to withdraw their own money. Is that vision, implementation & execution?

    6. He said that banks will accept old notes till 30 Dec. He went back on that declaration too and a limit of 5000 was imposed to deposit your own money in banks. If someone wanted to deposit more than 5000 he was supposed to give a declaration that why did he not deposit the amount earlier. He took a U-turn on that too because public revolted.

    7. He said that give me 50 days for that and everything will be normal. Today is the 49th day. Is everything normal? NO, it is not. ATMs and banks do not have currency to dispense. I don't think that in just another 24 hours all the ATMs & banks will have new notes to dispense and we would be able to draw as much money as we want. Is that vision?

    8. The limit of Rs 2500 for ATMs and 24K for banks was supposed to be till 30 Dec and he said after that there would not be any limit. Now, it is being said that the limits will continue beyond 30 Dec. Is that vision!!!!

    9. Modi said that after 30 Dec, old currency could be deposited in RBI till 31 March 2017. There was a news in the paper today that in the next couple of days, a bill or something to that effect will be passed in Lok Sabha according to which 'possessing old currency after 31 Dec' will be an offense and one could be punished for that. Another U-turn.

    Is that you call a vision? At least I don't call that a vision. People with vision and with so many resources on hands don't take U-turns, they implement & execute their plans perfectly.

    I had been supporting his demonetization scheme, but now I do not support it because the scheme has not been properly implemented & executed. I voted for him in the last general election and if things continue the same way, I may not vote for him in the next elections due to his myopic vision.

    Please share your views regarding Modi's vision!
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    All those who supported in the beginning stage of demonetization in forums, TV Media and other Social media are now they are opposing. It is true that the whole process is a complete failure. It is estimated due to demonetization process one lakh crores of taxes got lost within this period to the government due to lack of money transactions in business. Government will keep this loss on the public later by way of taxes. Small business people, daily wage workers lost their jobs. Crores of people working in unorganized sectors due to lack of work are carrying their lives in miserly way. Already TV media saying there is no gain in by way of this demonetization to government except the black money of big guns changed into white. Whatever the IT department caught money hoarders by way of raiding is simply a small drop of water in an ocean. Mr.Modi and Mr. Jaitley giving big speeches on demonetization success even though they are observing the failures on daily basis in this entire process. Before demonetization our country over took UK in GDP for this year and progressing nicely for greater heights in economic growth. Because of this demonetization experts predicting that our GDP may fall heavily which will effect our economic growth in future.

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    Whether our present Prime Minister has any vision or not, is a matter of debate; although I can only say that future will tell whether his decisions have been correct or not, and none of his supporters or critics is an astrologer. But at the same time, I would like to remind the Members about our visionary first Prime Minister. This great visionary took 1/3-rd of Kashmir in a platter and handed it over to Pakistan, when our Army was on the verge of evicting enemy from these parts. Not being satisfied with this generosity, this leader again gave Aksai Chin and some other parts of Himachal Pradesh to China. This great man's other visionary contributions were: (a) accepting Tibet as part of China and losing the advantage of a huge buffer state; (b) advocating inclusion of China in the Security Council of UN; (c)talking about plebicite in Kashmir; (d) signing Indus Water Treaty, which is totally disadvantageous to his own country; (e) systematically breaking the backbone of Indian Army, and (f) following suicidal 'Forward Policy' in 1962.

    So, friends! Beware of such visionary leaders. Let's try to find out a practical and honest leader.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    A visionary or not that no one can justify but certainly one need to look at the discrepancy in treatment of poor and rich people. They are looking for the people who have a bank balance of 2 or 3 lakhs in their account while letting people get away with big marriage celebrations of crores of rupees after demonetization. This one looks very odd after beating the trumpet very loudly of going after corruption.
    Farid Akhtar
    ISC-Joined for fun but learn and earn.

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    I wont agree with the author that our PM Modi lacks vision and his recent series of actions tantamount to taking action on black money and envisaging cashless regime is considered a very big step never even thought nor tried by any leader in India or abroad. For every action there would be equal reaction. But here his action has so many reactions only from the opposition parties and not opposed by the public. I am of the opinion that the PM has initiated the right move and the results are going to be felt and cherished in the days to come. For every good work the detractors and the disturbing brigade would be there. But that wont deter the determination and pursuing attitude of our Prime Minister whose next action on Benami transactions has direct link with black money and through that raids he will prove the world that he is right and the critics would be cornered.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Intentions is another debatable issue. Here we are talking about vision. A person with a vision would have foreseen the hardships people are going to face & he would have made arrangements so that the scheme was implemented & executed in a proper manner. Sadly, which was not to be.

    All over the world, his move has been termed as a debacle. The money received in banks is more than expected. RBI, who had said that it would pass on the undeposited amount to govt as a bonus, is having second & third thoughts now since there is not a significant difference between the amount which was in circulation and which has been deposited in banks.

    The small traders are already doing business in black money (without any invoices & without paying any tax) as they were doing prior to demonetization. So, what difference has it made to the system?

    Have you started demanding an invoice for everything you buy?

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    I have completely agree with author. I felt very happy on note ban initially. I thought that people might have pain for 2 to 3 weeks and everything comes to normal after 2 to 3 weeks. PM should explain why they put more 2000 currencies in circulation than 500. 60 rules in 45 days clearly shows about planning.

    Initially PM told that the reason for demonetization is to curb black money. But after 2 weeks they changed their tone towards cashless economy. In yesterday's rally, he mentioned that terrorism, fake notes, drug mafia were dealt with in one stroke after demonetization. Where is black money and cashless economy? If he is a visionary leader, he supposed to build infrastructure for less cash / cashless economy first and then talk about it. How can it will be implemented without enough infra?

    I hear 'Gujarat Model' many times during 2014 election campaign and still I don't know what is that model and why it is still not implemented across country at least across BJP ruling states. Marketing wont help all the times.

    Visionary leader wont speak much and his actions should speak. BJP government just carry forwarding Congress rule. From Aadhar to GST, everything started in UPA regime and nothing new. Modi was against GST, Aadhar, etc when he was CM, but now story is different. Visionary leader won't have double standards.

    My opinion is PM Modi could be best politician, leader compared to others, but I don't think he is visionary leader.


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    I appreciate author first for consolidating all in one place and yes demonitization is good but now it is turned towards cashless, digital and I think these two need not be combined and after some breathing of demonetization, this digital transaction/cashless might have introduced to people.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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