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    A vision of a village girl

    This is a vision of a girl 12 year village girl studying in a small government school in very remote area her village has no facilities like sanitation, electricity and transportation.
    Her father somehow managed to get her admission in a school where she heard some of her teachers in staff room discussing schemes and new projects launched by the Prime minister and how he is trying to transform. She heard about the scheme where minister adopt a village and than transform it into a city like area.
    Hearing this she is lost in a daydream where her whole village have electricity, road connectivity and her parents are working in farms with tube-wells and tap-water all around. Suddenly she got awake from her dream when she heard a teacher laughing and saying "no matter what happens this villagers will never going to change they will still be habituated of that lota and their old habits even after every village has gotten its money for making toilets in their household premises they still are the same. So even after this scheme they are not going to change".
    Hearing this the girl went to his house and in the evening asked her father to construct a toilet and bathroom at their home and has now started a mass movement in village and has made her mission to have this facility at every household. And the dreams she saw while listening to teachers in the staff room is her vision for her village but now she doesn't expects any help from anyone as her teachers words hurt her and she just want to do it all by herself with her friends and villagers. She want to transform every village around her village and want to show all the people what villagers can do when they are united.
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    A simple and heart-warming story on hopes and aspirations of a little village girl. In this connection I would like to state that only today I havee reead a news-item in a Bengali newspaper that a simple village-girl broke her piggy-bank ('gullak' in Hindi, 'Lakshmir bhand' in Bengali) to build a toilet in her village. Such determined young children are the future of this country.
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    This Tow topic story is well woven around many things the government is now patronizing. We can find the girl child having the admission in government school, the child dreaming of total transformation of the village with connectivity of roads, electricity, total sanitation and over and above good sanitation facility at the school itself. In fact our PM Modi has been very keen in keeping the environment and wants to provide basic facilities like toilets at the school. Either too there were many schools without toilet and the girls were abstaining from joining. Now the situation has changed. Good topic.
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    I wish that it should not be closed in some words or sentences only. The story should not be in virtual and to transform into real.

    We would be very happy if we could see all the villages according to her dream.

    Changes are taking place but there are so many greedy persons who becomes the main hurdle for such a good mission.

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