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    Morning its too cool, afternoon its hot and evening its cool again. How to dress up ?

    In Hyderabad we are finding unusual climate these days where in there is chill climate in the morning and lasts up to 10 am and there onward the sun takes the front seat and the whole day would be sultry and then by 4 pm we find the weather again changing to the cool mode and we are sent to shivering by late night. In this case how to dress up. If we wear sweater or coat, the sultry climate force us to remove the same. If we avoid the extra clothes, then evenings becoming challenging and tricky to the health.
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    I am forced to wear a Jacket or Sweater while coming to duty. Till yesterday I was wearing a half Sweater only and used to remove at 10:00 hrs. But I felt too cold while coming. So today, I have come with a Jacket and removed after entering the office.

    Again, in the evening, we have to wear sweater or swal---whatever may be. The climate at noon is such that you would feel comfort with light dresses only.

    Its better to wear winter clothes in the morning and evening to protect yourself, rather not to do style (by not wearing winter clothes).

    Respect the nature and go accordingly.

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