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    With digital transactions on cards, there can be loan transfers even from friends at ease

    Previously when we are short of cash money, we used to approach the relatives and friends for the timely and instant help and later we used to settle the loan. Now finding cash in person has become difficult and not possible. So if we want any money urgently we can always request the relatives or friends to make transfer of cash from their account to our account through cell phone itself. By this arrangement we need not wait for virtual cash and can do the purchases or attending to services through online payments. Even petty loans may be had with ease.
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    Digital transactions mean any transactions i.e. transfer of money from one account to another account. It is to be decided by the individuals concerned as to whether it is a loan or gift or payment in lieu of any goods/services. The system doesn't differentiate between loan and non-loan transactions.

    P.S. - Please correct spelling of the word 'friends'.

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