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    Do not worry about wrinkles, grey hair and scars. They have great meaning.

    People of present generation really feel a lot and does not want wrinkles appear on their face and even go to the extent of using age defying lotions. But please note if wrinkles appears means you have enjoyed your life with so much laughing. Like wise if you have grey hair. Never mind that signifies that you have caring attitude on others and that is the plus point. And never worry about scars, that signifies that you have lived the life with challenges. So just look natural with wrinkles, grey hair and scars hence forth.
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    Apart from wrinkles and grey hairs, there are other kinds of signs and symptoms of ageing e.g. weakened eye sights, missing teeth, knee pain, baldness and hearing impairment etc. Scars are totally different which are not directly related to the ageing process. Nowadays, people go for cosmetic procedures to fix wrinkles and thinning/greying hair lines. Most of the film actors/actresses get their face and body fixed by cosmetic surgeons. Do the meanings change in such cases?
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    Cynicism & stubbornness are the other signs of aging.
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    Let the body changes at its own and enjoy the life every moment.

    What the wrinkles, baldness, spectacles do if you feel young everywhere, everymoment even after crossing 50??

    Keep yourself busy, do the routine exercises, walking and control your diet. Be in discipline and certainly you would enjoy your life.

    In today's busy life we forget to laugh even for a week long, sometimes for a month. I want to share my little experience about this. Recently, we had a small gathering for one of my friends' marriage anniversary. I was so casual about to join, but when I left the party, I felt that we had a very great laugh at the end. When I told the same the very next day, everyone agreed and realized the same. Though it was a small party, but everyone laughed at their optimum and enjoyed a lot.

    In today's scenario, what I feel that LAUGH is very much necessary in our life to be happy and feel happy. And if you feel happy, you would feel as young as you were.

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