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    Restricted from posting in School Section

    I am 'suddenly' unable to access the Schools section to add new schools to the existing list. I receive that big 'Restricted' alert. These schools that I want to add are critical to articles that I have written/submitted to the ongoing CBSE Schools Double Bonus Scheme. I have been successfully adding new schools to the list for weeks now and do not understand the sudden change in status.

    Request that the issue is addressed at the earliest, so it stops being a hindrance to my activities here.
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    Juana, the point has been put up to the panel concerned for the needful. Please wait for a response from their side.
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    The restriction is due to the new submissions not being reviewed. If some are still in the queue for review, then a member cannot post further. Please bear with us. Many of the editors are on leave across all sections.

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