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    Do Idioms make language communication more attractive?

    There are so many Idioms in English language as the Cricket commentators like Navajot singh sidhu and politicians often use Idioms to make their language most attractive not only in English language there are many other languages these Idioms are used for example in Telugu we called them as a Samethulu. Do Idioms make language communication more attractive?What in your language 'Idioms' called. Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    In Tamil idioms are called as 'solavadaigal'. Yes it is interesting to attract others to show the language excellence if these are added in the talk/speech. In Tamil, the excellent orator/writer even add other from Athichudi as it is only one liner and Thirukkural which is two liner and many phrases from Bharathiyar to attract the others in their speech/talk.

    The same fashion even it is continued when we write in ISC too but most of the time it may not be that good when it is transliterated.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I think idioms, phrases and rhymes (I have two more things other than idioms) all these things do make communication and public speaking much better and efficient. They influence and effect people more than the simple and plane paragraphs or sentences said one after other.
    One of the biggest example is prime minister of our country Mr. Narendra Modi one of the most interesting and effective part of his communication skills and public speaking is the way he use all these things like idioms, phrases and rhymes in his speeches which makes the audience bounded to every word and hear every word he said with keen interest.

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    Idioms are usually a word or a pharse which can be used to understand some meaning. Like in Kannada" kai kesar aadhare bayi mosaru" means Kai- hand , kesar-muddy hand, aadhare -over, bayi- mouth, mosaru - curds. Actually this is used if you work hard now later you will lead a good life. Its also told to children regarding their studies. IF you study hard you will get good marks in annual exam. So idiom is the way of communicating some meaningful ethics to the world.

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    Yes when talking or writing using Idioms make sense and it attracts the reader very much. The people who are habituated to oratory skills use this technique much. Our PM Modi is known for this. Either too he was calling Kala Dhan and now he added Kala Mann. Like wise I shall appreciate West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Benerjee for her talking skill. After the 50 days deadline was over on demonetization, she responded with a witty remark. "The move of PM was has made people cash less and that is why he is now faceless and baseless " . So using the choicest words attract the people and they are remembered.
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    Humans are attracted to rhymes. And it is a coincidence that most idioms rhyme. "If it rhymes, it must be true!" So idioms are far more successful than simple rhymes as they convey a subtle message. Use of phrases, quotes and idioms will not only make your language look more beautiful but also persuades the listeners to hear more.
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