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    What vision is and what it should be.

    Vision. The single most powerful Anglo-Saxon word ever said and written. Never has a word been so much used in everyday practice that even the literal meaning of the word and the meaning that comes during expressions, everything can be co-related to one single thing, "Long term". That indeed is what vision is, going long term, thinking long term, planning long term.

    Every organisation will have a vision. In most cases, this will be to excel in that particular field where they are conducting their business. Every single human being must have a vision. An idea as to what they should do or become long term. Only when a person has vision, will he/she be able to excel in their lives.

    A vision should be something that drives you. Something that ignites an undying spirit inside you. That vision should make you restless. Motivate you to work till your bones break. This is what a vision must be. How much wrong and bad others may think of your vision, if in your heart you feel that this is what you are born to do, then nothing should stop you from grabbing that vision.
    Don't mistake aims with vision. Aims are short term and when achieved, one usually moves onto another aim. But in the case of vision, a person will have only one vision in life.

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    What is the vision and what it should be was well narrated and presented by the author and I believe that the matter said wont be applicable to all as we have our own thinking capability to envisage vision of our own.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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