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    Extennding our hand to swaach Bharat

    I, went to a small hotel today morning for tiffin. After finishing my eating, I moved for handwashing but a server asked me to remove the plate from the table and place in the tub nearby the wash Basin as it is the practice of that hotel. Though it is in practice of many hotels inside the Tamilnadu, I see this as first time in Chennai. I appreciated the approach to the man in the cash receiving counter as it tends everybody to make the place clean thereby we can expect them from avoiding littering/Spitting/spilling etc., in public places. This type of cleanliness, though many unwelcome as they find no time for such things,definitely make up their mind tuned to the cleanliness, I believe.
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    Normally in some hotels there are no servers and the items are served at the counter through token system and in that case we have to keep the plate after eating in the bin provided for. In the recent past I had been to a dinner party and the welcome drinks were served to the guests who are sitting in their chairs. Naturally the cool drinks are served in plastic glasses and there is a cleaner boy who is readily taking the glass after use and thus I could see no thrown plastic glass on the floor. I really appreciated the organizers for taking care of Swatchh Bharath Mission to keep the environment clean.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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