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    Date of birth simplified with a three figures code.

    This is another fun from Sun. This is about our date of birth in a very simplified coded form to remember.
    (From 001 to 366)
    If I call my DOB 18 June as - 169, what would be the simplified form of your DOB? Members born in leap year should indicate by suffixing the letter L. For e.g. A member born on 18 Jun 2000, would simplify it as - 170L

    Members, What are you waiting for? Simplify your DOB and say it here.

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    My date and month of birth would be denoted as 301. I was born on 30th October.
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    My date of birth is 28th May so it should be 285 ! But I do not like this number. Can we try the other way ?
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    To make it interesting, you can add up the day in which you were born. Let us have the figures 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday and so on up to 7 for Saturday. Just add up this number to your birth number. E.g. If 285 was Sunday, then make it 2851.

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    Mr Sun,

    Can you please explain what you mean, since I am unable to understand what you are trying to say?

    Refer the following in your thread message
    1. "If I call my DOB 18 June as - 169"
    2. "e.g. A member born on 18 Jun 2000, would simplify it as - 170L"

    In #1, 18 June is - 169 & in #2, 18 Jun is 170.
    What is the difference between the 18 June in #1 & #2 ?
    Why is it 169 in #1 & why is it 170 in #2?

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    If you can understand the leap year days, you can understand this difference of one day.

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