Story 1:Every child is special

Siya a child a little different from others, she is always lost in herself not playing with others child she is just in nursery class. She always stays very quite in class everybody of her age is involved in playing in ground doing their kids thing but she is different, after all she is just 3 years old and everyone expects her to be like others kids?
But When her mother tried to teach her writing for the first time unlike other child she doesn't needed any help, she wrote it for the first time in her and nobody believed it seemed like the pencil is moving by its own she is amazing when it comes to drawing and writing and nobody actually taught her, and when she was asked how she knows writing she angled her father telling she learned by seeing him, another problem with her is she just give signals she doesn't speak even though doctors have said that there is no problem with her voice.
But what is problem with her because of her quite nature no body plays with her even teachers have presumption about her that she may be some kind of autistic or a child lacking in everything. Even during smart classes every child's excitement is quite visible but there is just one smile in her face.
That's how everyone knows Siya. But when it came to test for the first time no one believed it was unbelievable the way she had wrote. Everyone thought may be its some kind of magic may be the pencil moved by its own within Siya's hand. She has excelled in every class actually not a single marks was cut down she was just amazing. Even her drawings was mesmerizing, before this even doctor's was unable to tell what was problem with Siya?
But this made Siya's parent to think again about her they again consulted the Doctor's for her treatment this time it was very nice Doctor a Child psychologist who was very soft spoken unlike Doctors Siya met earlier who Used to have a Check up just of outside body. The Doctor came outside after so many tests and told her parents that Siya is a child prodigy she is among 1 in a million child her IQ level is just few levels below than Einstein but much above than us normal people. She understands whatever people telling her in seconds it is just that she don't want to talk yet because everyone expect her to be like other children which she is not but she writes and draws it down, every thing.
Don't worry she is amazing and outstanding child like the way her pencil moved down by itself, her words will come down by itself because she knows the language its just that she is not ready for any kind of conversation. These child prodigies are different than others and as a parent you need to understand her. Because there are lot of children out their who have so much of talent but they remain hidden because of ignorance and negligence of society, just because they are different than others doesn't make them fool but in reality they are step ahead.
In Siya's case it was her pencil that moved of its own to tell the world her capabilities like that every child has some capabilities parents and society just need to be patient and helpful to every child because everyone has came here with some kind of talent.