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    Adsense ad unit status

    Did you create a new AdSense ad unit and does it still show the status as New after a long time instead of showing as status? Follow this thread to learn more about it.


    When we login to our adsense account. We can see 'Ad Unit' under 'My ads' option.

    In my case, STATUS of 'Ad Unit' is showing as 'NEW' and only few are 'Active'.

    How to activate rest of ads?

    Girish Patil
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    It could be due to one of the reason stated as below;

    1. More than three ad unit code already there in that webpage, or,

    2. So far no organic page impression on that particular ad webpage yet (though ad may be on display), or,

    3. Ad code is not installed properly (try to change a different type ad code), or,

    4. Wait for few days or a week to change the status if everything is correct.

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    So Google is not displaying more than three ad unit code on single page?
    Girish Patil

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    The status will be changed from "New" to "Active" once the ad unit is active and displayed in the pages for some time. Just wait for a few hours and see the status. Make sure the ad code is correctly implemented in the pages.

    More than 3 ad units are allowed per page as per new Google policies.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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