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    Why do Indians get offended very much?

    I mean no disrespect. I love my nation and people in it. But we are amongst the most intolerant people on Earth. At first we were only offended by deviation in our culture and that was a good thing. But as time passed by, our intolerance and offensive nature grew big.
    We get offended whenever an unfortunate actor makes a sensitive statement. We get offended when a comedian impersonates a celebrity. We get offended by truth.
    Nowadays feminists are redefining the limits of intolerance.
    So what if a thing offends you. Can't you just continue with your routine in attempt to forget about it? Is it necessary to take things to the court? Why are we like this?
    There are serious issues out there which need your surveillance. Leave celebrities on their own.
    So what if an actress wears an inappropriate outfit? So what if Salman Khan makes an unsettling statement? So what if Aamir Khan thinks India is intolerant? So what if some director swears some actress?
    A country can only develop when it's citizens have a developed mind-set. Our ancestors were never like us. That's the reason why we came this far. We were highly tolerant and open-minded in past. What has taken over us now? Why are we hindering development?
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    Liberalization of the world has lead to many problems. I am not denying liberalized world is way better compared to what we had in past. But liberalization has hit its limits. And liberal people don't want to admit it though. The reason being people are not sure where the world is going.

    For example here are some of my observation.

    1. Liberals find many ways to mock conservative but if conservative mock liberal back then it becomes human rights, women rights issue. Take twitter for example, mocking any male on twitter is fair but mocking any female would lead to block.

    2. Men are feminized and taught to cry when they are undergone pressure. Result? men who can't handle stress and either crying or becoming passive aggressive. Teach them how to handle stress instead of feminizing them by telling them to cry. This passive aggressive behavior is coming out with other crimes in society. Teach both males and females how to handle stress instead of telling them to complain on social media and crying.

    3. Celebrities by every generation are worshiped in India. And people argue with each other for them. No celebrity pays us money for our bills yet we take sides as if they are our blood relatives.

    4. Trial by social media is another new trend where women like jasleen kaur are using any random guy as potential molester and asking rest of the males and females in this country to attack for her benefit.

    These days self control and patience is very much necessary especially for mens. You never know when feminists are playing victim card and trap your opinion against you.

    Finally, it's not just India. Almost every new generation and one that has access to Internet is less likely to be tolerant to change and different views. Some social media celebrity creates bubble about something and rest of the liberal people follow it and force their views on others.

    For example, take case of hillary clinton, who in her foreign ministry days sold weapons to pakistan against ISIS war. Later it was revealed that those weapons during decommission found to be in ISIS's side. So basically Indian women were supporting clinton who is practically helping our threat. Why? because bunch of feminists think that US needs to have woman president over misogynist trump. But at the end, people voted and indirectly helped us asian from another war like situation between india and other ISIS friendly nation. This sort of opinion however was not tolerated by feminists in india.

    This chaos will reach it's threshold and this sort of impatience and tolerance from people around the world will come to normal.

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    Yes I do agree that most of the Indians are intolerant because they get lots of interest in dealing and discussing with others issue. This attitude gives much room for character review and that leads to even rave statements. In this country of 130 crore population there shall be different attitude people for which we cannot take the right of taming them. But when ever some one important in the society rant something against the expectations, there seems to be battery of protest voice heard in media and also social sites. There is a need to stop this attitude and we must start living as human.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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