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    Celebrating NEW YEAR differently

    In India we are celebrating differently based on English on 1st January, Tamil and Telugu in April middle, Marwaris etc on the day of Deepavali etc., But the same is celebrated in different states/languages of people with mostly similar nature.

    England people celebrates the New Year by visiting friends and relatives with Bread slice and coal in the hands on the belief that they will remove famine in both houses.

    In Lawos, the people celebrates by buying caged birds and living fishes from shops and letting
    them free into air and water respectively.

    In Austria, they celebrates the New year by offering and eating tender pig roasted and mixed with flour,palm sugar and chocolate.

    In Japan they hang the rope made of haystack at their house entrances as they believe that the bad ones will get removed.(Similar type is followed on the day of Sankaranthi in many places near Madurai of Tamilnadu - they hang one Kooraipoo made of some wild flowers)

    In Holland, they burn the effigy in a common place with the belief of burning the badness of their village/city.

    In North Africa, they make fire at the entrance of their houses and after prayer they cross the fire with the belief that their accumulated sins have burnt out.
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    Yes every country has their own culture and tradition to celebrate the new year. In India only there are different religion and caste and that gives room for many new year celebrations in a year. But in other parts of the world there is only one religion either Christian or Muslim and thus their new year restricted to 1st January or Prophet birthday. And coming to the fire works, it is the treat to watch the grand fire works at the Opera house in Australia, and even more grand at the New Zealand. Even Hongkong, China, Singapore celebrated their new year with lots of fire works. But what attracted me the different way of celebrating by the Russia. All the local trains were re painted and decorated with serial lights and that gave wonderful feelings to the commuters who exchanged the new year greetings with the fellow passengers in total ambience.
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    If I remember correctly in maharashtra new year is from the Gudi padwa day in April. Islamic new year was two months back.

    I think english being globalization's mascot language. It will continue to get preference in the world. For example the taxation years around the world being March onwards, this hasn't changed. So the same new year tradition will be enforced. Though social media and other stuff has lead to the people to follow the english new year or more like the new year pagans and christians brought to the rest of the world.

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    In Bengal, new year is celebrated on 13/14th April (in bengali calender it is called "Poila Baisakh).

    On that day, businessmen do puja on their respective business places and open a new transaction book. Customers also eager to go and shop on that particular day as they get some sweet packets or calenders or something.

    It gives a new look to all the local markets and we used to wear new dress on that day.

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