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    An eye opener about diabetic

    The following are some points related to diabetic so as to remove their fear and doubts:

    * Type II Diabetic patients are from heredity. That too, if the father of a patient got his diabetic problem after his 50 years, the chance to his son is only of 7%. If the father got his diabetic problem before his 50 years the chance is 14%. When both parents are of diabetic the chances of diabetic in the child is of 50%.

    *Mere tasting more sugar and sweets the suspicion of diabetic is wrong but heavy weight problem may arise, instead.

    *Calculating BMI (Body Mass Index) is good always to control the weight of a person. The following is the formula to arrive at the BMI
    BMI = Weight of the person (divided by)(height(multiplied)height)

    If BMI is less than 18 = poor weight
    18-25 = Average weight
    25-30 = Over weight
    Above 30 =Heavy weight

    The danger of heavy weight is diabetic,paralytic,Cholesterol, Backpain,Knee Joint Problem,cancer,mental stress,childless such problems may be seen.

    To get rid of this:
    Proper diet, good walking,sufficient exercise is advisable along with proper guidance of a doctor preferably family doctor.
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    For the first time I am coming across the information that sugar is not the cause for diabetic but over weight is the main cause for those patients. But invariably when we visit for the routine diabetic check up the doctor is asking first about the usage of sugar and then about our regular taking of medicine. What I feel that if a diabetic patient takes food at regular intervals in lesser forms would definitely keep his body and health fit. Normally we eat heavy food for the lunch and that must be avoided. Instead taking light snacks or even biscuits at regular intervals would also keep a check on diabetic.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I find the information posted by Mr. Pattabiraman very useful. The patients of diabetes must also get their BMI and cholesterol checked along with blood sugar.
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