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    Importance of family doctor

    In olden days every family has its separate doctors and all the family members will go to him only to him whenever any of the persons fell sick and on no occasion they will not change the doctor unless otherwise the family doctor suggests. They will consult even the specialists only with the opinion of the family doctor. This was followed heredity but the real meaning behind is not known by many and they felt that this system was of sentiment. The real meaning of keeping a family doctor is the basic problems and heredity problems is known well by the doctor and unnecessary treatments thereby avoided and fear in them also very less. Now many of us without having any family doctor we are all approaching many doctors for individual treatment. In one house father is consulting Dr.A, Dr.B is for mother,DR.C for son etc., Consulting specialists is good but with the help of a family doctor is hold good. As it is not possible to have a family doctor now, we can go to a particular doctor regularly for all of our family members so as that doctor can know the facts of all family members and unnecessary treatment and tests can possibly avoided.
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    I do agree with the author that we must trust our family doctor and in fact every family must have one confident doctor for themselves. Right from our childhood the doctor knows our case and history and also knows our preference to tablets than injection and thus a family bond would be created and no fear to go to the doctor. In fact my family doctor gives the medicine also free which he gets through medical representatives for promotion of their product and he also charges very minimum charge as fees. Moreover our children does not want to go to any other doctor than family doctor.
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    This is true. Having a family doctor is better than consulting a new doctor every time. Patient feels comfortable before doctor, and doctor also treat patient as his own family member. My grandfather had a friend who was our family doctor. We usually prefered treated by him only. But if situation went out control then he suggested a better one for the particular disease. But he was the first one whom we consult everything about health issues.

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    In the earlier days, Medical profession was a holy profession, and every doctor was very sincere and serious with their profession. Hence people trusted and had faith in them. In the present days, the medical profession is a business to earn without any much knowledge about the ailment and treatment. In this thickly populated country, doctors are busy treating many number of patients, and is not possible to be the doctor of a particular family. May be a relative who is a doctor can be your family doctor, not otherwise.
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    'Family Doctor' is now just a nostalgic thought. This wonderful system and custom is now totally wiped off after the advent of more and more hospitals . It is very rare to see an individual doctor's clinic. Doctors are working attached to one or more hospital.

    I can say that after the disappearance of the family doctor or the house visit doctors , the quickness of getting medical attention has become delayed. Earlier for any health problem the doctor visits the patient's residence.

    As he would have already known about the patient's general condition, he is able to give immediate relief and then advising for taking to a better facility if needed. This is now gone. For anything and everything one has to go to a hospital. The distance factor, the conveyance and convenience and other needed arrangements cause delay. In the hospital also there may be other patients and his one has to wait.

    Disappearance of family doctor system has caused to the escalation of medical costs and many other issues. We need more and more doctors, and more doctors to have individual practice rather than work at hospitals. Hospitals should remain only as referral centres.

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    " Family Doctor " - this concept can be seen only now in old movies and Tv Shows. As people are now moving onto get the specific doctor based on their specialization. Also going to different doctors on their need is good, because this saves their time and Pain.

    As a doctor will be well known on line of area like cardio. So in case a toddler gets in with some affection, that primary doctor would have not come across and he might treat in a way as he treats for adults. In times like these, child specialists comes into picture. They would have seen many like these, and they could have hand in solution and they even in sometimes suggest the parents that its normal for kids at these age/time(climate).

    For a pregnant lady , if our family doctor is male. Definitely they will feel little uncomfortable to tell whatever they feel on their body. And even the doctor cant relate to the situation. Hence, I strongly believe having a Family doctor for now is not gone work . Moreover now medical profession has become a corporate business , where they wanted to achieve the targets and achieve there earnings per year. (Apo***, Gl**** hospitals).

    Time saving in the sense that if the doctor is of individual practice, then for sure there wont be any specialized devices for scanning and other things. So on referral we need to run to other big places and get scanned and in case other costly equipment's also. So if in emergency this will cause a mess to the patient. I believe that was the main reason Family doctor concept has been vanished.

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    There are thousands of disease now-a-days. Every disease requires diagnostics and special tests. It is not possible to treat all the ailments by family doctors. So choose your doctor according to your disease. Go to specialist, not to family doctor. It was an old concept and obsolete now.
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