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    Do you think in future there will be no marriages only live-in relationship?

    In Hindus even for that matter any religion marriage play a pivotal role in both male and female gender to live with their partner in one roof.Now there is a modern trend especially in celebrities without doing marriages they have live-in relationship so the partners will live in one roof without any legal binding.As one of the actress states that it is not necessary to get married if they want to live in one roof and she further said in future you will not see any marriages only live- in relationships are there.Do you agree with that? knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    It seems to be the case. The reason being laws are bend in such way that in future marriage is going to be costly for men in terms of efforts. For example, alimony laws are not equal for both gender. So only women benefit from it as of now. In fact many women remain housewife instead of working outside for that reason. Another point is that people these days have this fad of love marriage. Where they assume they know each other. Yet maximum number of divorces filed in india are from love marriages. Yet youth believes that love marriage means knowing the person and not stranger marriage. Another thing is that parenting in india is going off standard. Families are going nuclear. Kids are being raised in daycare. Live in relationship doesnt solve the problem either. It just gives some assurance to males who may suffer alimony laws which are being declared one sided lately. Marriage as institution will remain among conservative families. The reason being still some people believe in family life, love and raising kids. Rest just going to be feminist hating marriage, responsibilities and men. All in all it'd be risky to marry for men the way laws and society favoring women.

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    Only yesterday when I was watching a movie on the television and this live in relation came to focus again. It seems we want to ape the western culture one after other and this may also be followed in future. In those countries, the children are not looked after by the parents after certain age and they are left to their freedom of living. That means mother or the father are no more towing the character of the child and thus the children are at the liberty to chose a life partner, or love to have live in relations. But in India the bonding between the parents and the children is very much present and the parents are heavily depended on the children till their death. Moreover the parents are always interested to have grand children through their son and thus further legacy of the family is strengthened and I fear such bonding cannot be found in so called live in relations and hence may not be acceptable to many.
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    The way the institution of marriage gets criticised, misused and mistakenly use, I concur that in future there will be no marriages only live-in relationship? Marriages may be made only for enjoying the alimony benefits and inheritance benefits. Now the live-in relationships also get those benefits. If those laws also get changed fully in all nations, then marriages will disappear.

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    This is just one of the many possiblities that one day institution of marriage will come to an end.
    But as far as Indian morals and values which are spoon fed to every child from the day he /she begans to understand norms, rules and regulation of society this kind of future is far away from reallity.
    Because these kind of incidence are taking place and only heard in big metro cities or in celebrity society wheras Indian middle class and village people are still very much attached to institution of the marriage.
    So answer to this question is no in near future there may be few exceptions but live in relationships can't replace marraige completely espicially in a country like ours.

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    I agree to the author's points and I think that modern youths are more interested in live-in relationships than marriages is simply because there is not strings attached . I mean, live-in relationships doesn't have the benefits as marriages has, but its doesn't need commitment from both partners as in marriage which is the biggest of all.

    In this Fast moving reality world, people craving more for their own pleasure and fun than the saving the money and serving the family concept. (as we see lot of drunk people only to pleasure themselves.) And modern day youths are more on towards the live-in relationships to continue their care free life with Fun attached and without wife, childrens tags.

    And to a point this is happening only in metro cities, whereas in most of the rural and middle class families are very much attached to institution of marriage and other aspects of marriages.

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    Live-in relationships are not the norm in the western society either. Couples do get married there and they do believe in the institution of marriage. So, I do not think there will be a drastic shift from marriage to live in relationships – not in the near future at least.

    We, as a society, are tied to traditions and our culture looks down upon a relationship, between a woman and a man that is outside the sanctity of marriage. However, we have come to accept live-in relationships, as the Supreme Court in one of its judgment declared that unmarried couples, living together, would be deemed as husband and wife, with the same legal rights (over property/inheritance etcetera) as married couples.

    There is also a lot of parental pressure that the Indian youth faces. Parents want to decide the whole life for their children – including whom their children should marry. Keeping this in mind, I think the concept of marriage will continue to remain prevalent, in this part of the world.

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    The basic objective of the institution of marriage is not limited to the rights of spouses only. Legally, a marriage establishes following besides other associated rights -

    1. To establish a legal father to the children of women and a legal mother to the children of the men.
    2. To confer monopolistic rights over the sexuality of the spouses.

    The institution of marriage as such is not likely to get abolished totally in future as it concerns the offsprings also and because of this reason even in the western societies, it is continuing as pointed out by the author Juana also in her response.

    In India, the emergence of live-in relationships is more being noticed and discussed with curiosity and disdain because so far the women were generally deprived of the education etc. and were not supposed to have their own independent identities.

    Earlier in absence of education and economic dependence, many unfortunate women were living a life worse than live-in relationships without any right or recognition and used to be subjected to all kinds of harassments.

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