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    Question about traffic as shown on Stat Counter

    Previously, a few of my articles on ISC, as shown on Stat Counter would receive sporadic traffic from overseas, while the majority of visitors were located in India. Since a few weeks now, a couple of my articles have been receiving traffic only from the United States. This, I know from the data provided on Stat Counter.

    How is this possible? How can 100% traffic to certain articles, one of which contains content intended only for an Indian audience, have traffic originating from different cities across the United States? Is this normal or is it something to be concerned over? These articles are getting no views from India.
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    It is possible NRIs living in US cities are visiting your pages. I have requested those knowledgeable about this to clarify.

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    Opera Turbo servers are from US and Berlin. Most of the users who are using opera on mobile and desktop, sometimes get redirected through US based servers. This way opera turbo shows US location when sites are browsed. This could be one reason for the origin of source traffic to be from US. Do note that Statcounter is less likely to be accurate compared to Google analytics. Usually google analytics captures the names of bots that crawl the page. And you get the idea of which place this traffic is from.

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