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    Profanity - the ugly side of language and communication

    Ever wondered why people think it is OK to use profanity while writing or speaking? Give your views in this discussion on the ugly side of written and verbal language & communication.

    Every language in the world has its own unique sweetness to it, both in the written style & in its verbal form. I have always wondered, though, how did language, whether English, regional or foreign, become ugly with expletives and profanity? Who started this trend? When did it first begin?

    More important, is it really necessary to use profanity? We could say, for example, "He is a horrible person" instead of "He is a SO*" (please excuse using this type of language here, but just want to explain with an example). I have also heard some people using the 'f' expletive very frequently, so much so that an entire conversation is peppered with it. Worse, adults (both men and women) use such language in front of their children, who pick it up easily and start using it too in conversations with their young friends at school and at play.

    Make a New Year resolution to not use profanity - ever.
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    The idea is very good.The various meaning of profanity is blasphemous or obscene language.
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    A person who use profanity - what i can call as immature. Who use this like a status symbol. Many times i see that a person who is silent or mannerly is look as disgust by his friends. Usually it starts on adolescence when a teenage starts going to collage or high school. They use words like these. If one is not using profanity others start teasing him/her. Parents should take care of their child specially when they are speaking is bad language in front of child. According to me profanity should be deleted from a particular language's dictionary.

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    Let me give an academic twist to the subject. The students of Linguistics give tremendous importance on profanity. Because the profanities also reflect the evolution of a particular language over the years. A simple example may further elucidate the point. Let us take Hindi language for example. The profanities used say fifty years ago in Hindi, are not being used nowadays. A grandfather would find that his grandson is using a totally different set of profanities. Every live language will reflect change of profanities over the ages.
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    Many of us may not be using the the ugly language wantedly but it comes in a flow as we are used to hear bad words and have also learned to by heart it. If you watch a child, he will pick up the bad words very easily and also remembers with much memory and sometimes use the same bad words on us. So by speaking irrelevant language which is other wise called profanity speaking, we are stooping to the low level of conversation and the other person would mean us very low. It is better to get rid of bad characters of the society from whom such rough words would emanate and try to be normal and professional.
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    Many times it is the habit and training that also cultures one's language too.
    However when one is among those who are using unwelcome language, or when such language use is not opposed but condoned as 'chalta hai' and even a norm, though initially a new entrant one may resist or simply keep away by desisting oneself from such language, ultimately if that becomes an accepted norm , one also will fall victim just to be accepted.

    Personally, I had tried not to fall a victim to the trend consciously.

    I am sure I have not used any time any expressively expletive word. I never used them in oral or written medium at all. But I don't know whether I had any time used words which would have been not liked by someone as it might have some unwelcome tinge. I definitely not welcome or tolerate profane language or expletives. Whenever possible I have tried to oppose and to drive sense to the people who use such. If not I simply keep away.

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    Use of profanities or expletives known as swearing, cursing or cussing is primarily a bad habit picked from surroundings. People use such words mechanically without actually meaning anything except to express their anger or sadness.

    Profanity basically refers to the lack of respect or reverence to things believed to be sacred by others. Uttering the names of certain body parts of humans even in medical context is not considered appropriate. Therefore in normal conversation in a family environment, euphemisms are used in such conversations.

    However, I vividly recall the advertisements published in the Indian newspapers regarding a play written by Eve Ensler the title of which contained the name a female body part. I am not yet able to decide as to whether the same was profanity or not?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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