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    The 'other side' of New year wishes.

    Hello to all my co-ISCians and wishing a thought-provoking, intriguing, new-experience giving New year 2017! Feeling glad to share a good content as 1st forum post of the year.
    It's the New year eve and all of us stay awake to welcome the brand new, New year with a bang in our own styles and lifestyles. The most common thing we do after the next second of the arrival of New year is wishing! We call our favorites first, send messages to everyone through what's app and messengers, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Oh gosh, we become multi-taskers then.! But suddenly, something had stricken my mind this new year day. A time ago my elders told me that if we really wish heartfully, selflessly, for a person that wish comes true for sure. The same was projected on the screen by Trivikram sir with his film starring Mahesh Babu titled Khaleja(Telugu film). And coming to the same point, we wish hundreds and thousands of people but have we ever thought that we were just doing it as a formality or as an excitement which is ridiculous! Why don't we put our heart at least while wishing? Okay, let's assume that we wished well, then they must stay happy the whole year if there is no selfishness in our wish right? Rather, we see the one whom we wished struggle for something the same year. Of course, destiny is a different point. I strongly believe, wish for one's happiness never goes for a toss. Hope we be sincere in wishing one's happiness! Hence, wishing a thought-provoking New year.
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    A good thread, good thought, a thought provoking(rather self evaluating) thread.
    Yes, mass wishes and mass prayers, if done sincerely have the effect. So why not a new year resolution that from now on every wish we send is from the bottom of our hearts with all sincerity? Let us shed some formalities and focus on real sincerity. That means it should start with close ones.

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    Wishing for some one in trouble from the bottom of the heart is the great and rare attitude and that kind of wish would also be answered by the God and immediately the boon is given. I am also at times used to ponder over the issue as to why people simply wish Happy new year. Instead they must coin out important phrase as per the situation of the person they are wishing. Suppose you are wishing a straggler in life, wish him all the best for his next best endeavor. If you are wishing a study completed student and looking for job, wish him best job opportunity the next time. Like wise our wishing should be different to all. But what I was receiving from various friends and relatives are the stereo type messages which were making rounds in the Facebook, whats app and other social medias. That means we are not running our brain to hoist our own message for the near and dear ones.
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    My sincere appreciation to the great thought the author who said it in a clear term. It is true that we are just completing a formality by wishing our relatives and friends. It is like a drama and the wishes are the dialogue from a written script

    As Mr. Venki suggested, let us take a resolution that we will only greet sincerely with a true heart.

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    A really thought-provoking thread raised by the author. We must wish and greet others with sincerety.
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