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    Why human minds can easily forgive but not forget?

    Forgiving others mistakes and mingling with them in a casual manner is really a positive reflection of a person's character. "Forgive and forget" is a popular saying. Forgiving always strengthens a relationship. But in the real life following the saying "Forgive and forget" is a tough task. Generally human minds will never forget the bad things that have happened in the past. Forgiving a person's mistake is easy but forgetting the same is difficult.

    Some people follow the policy of "forgive and forget" depending upon the situation, but many has the nature of only forgiving and not forgetting.

    Why human minds can easily forgive but not forget?

    Which is good- "Forgive and forget" or "Forgive, but never forget"?

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    well, everyone has different views on this topic. some people say that one should forget mistake of another and forgive him at same time. But their is another view that one should forgive for his own satisfaction but should not forget what another one did with him. one should learn from own mistakes.Everytime its not good to forget things, some people always have same tendency to hurt others, and they can't change even if anyone forgive
    them several times. so it depends on incidents some are to forget and forgiveand some are to forgive but never forget.

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    I think some of the time we have think too short term and get angry. And we ignore the long term implications of the anger. And we end up punishing ourselves. This may in turn make it harder for us to get ahead in life. Sometimes we have to move ahead with all the negativity around.And we have to first forgive ourselves. And then the person who did wrong to us. This way we can get ahead in life. Forgetting the things that hurt us is wrong. Because if we ignore that the same thing may happen again.

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    For this post I have to make the reference of a very good proverb in Tamil. " Theinaal Sutta Punn Arumay, Araadhey Naavinaal sutta vadu " the meaning of this great proverb is that, one can forget the wounds caused by fire or falling, and even that can he healed, but we cannot forget the bad words or the scolding heaped on us by others and that would be kept as memory and wont fade away. Our mind is the large memory area and it will select such issues which has humiliated us in public or in front of us and thus we wont forget the bad moments of life and that is the reasons we may forgive others but wont forget the bad moments.
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