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    How many of you have started using the app 'BHIM'.

    BHIM(Bharath Interface for Money) has been launched by Government of India and government has chosen the popular name once among Children with the cartoon of Mahabharath and they claim there are more than 50 lakhs downloads. Yes nowadays, if you see the app in any smart phone display, there are many but how many of them are really used by people only they(God) only knows.

    So how many of you have started using this and especially for the purpose of purchase to become eligible for draw for luck.
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    I yet to download the app. Since the app is very new and definitely it will have some bugs. I am not ready to take risk in financial matters by using this kind of app at very earlier stage.

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    No Suresh Kumar, I have used it for transfer of accounts and it did very fast and friendly too. I am yet to use it for purchase,
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I have downloaded the app but the phone number used was of data card. And the data card can't send SMS. So it made it harder for me register. So the app seems to be useful for me right now. I hope to change number and then update all bank accounts. This way I can be eligible for the UPI app registration. For now it seems I can't just use it. I have just downloaded it though.

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    I have heard the word BHIM during the Prime minister's speech. I am yet to understand it and it's use. Even I am afraid of using Paytm as many people say that they have lost their money. I am safe with my bank credit card and debit cards.
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    Though the BHIM app is the government controlled money transfer application through our bank account, we are yet to receive positive remarks on that and so far I have not downloaded that. Let me wait for some more time and then go for it.
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    BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) App was launched by Modi to make e-payment directly through the bank. BHIM app was developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) along with JUSPAY on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) Platform.
    I have installed and used this app for my transactions and firstly I did faced some issues and the app was not working as expected. Then after doing some Google search and after resetting the app and UPI pins then it worked cool. Currently this app has 32 public and private sector banks on it and this app is available only in Google play store for android users.As per the latest updates - IOS version is about to be released soon for apple smart phone users. There is specific limit per transaction 10,000 and 20,000 for a day now.
    Via Bhim, I was able to transfer money between the banks also can be used for any payment - just by scanning the QR code using this app.

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    I have not downloaded the app. I would like to have the app installed in my phone. But I will wait for some more time. The information available in public are not well detailed. After sometime the app may be refined and practical issues solved. We would also have more user opinions . Then I will download and install it.

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