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    Do acrobatic feats are called as gymnastics?

    As we see in Olympics there are so many games that are associated in this Gymnastics as these events are seen in previous days in our road side as poor people for earning their food they used to do this so that people who saw these events will give some money after the successful completion of events what we call them as 'Damarolu' in Telugu which they do acrobatic feats like walking in rope and doing some dangerous activities. Is gymnastics are nothing but as acrobatic feats? Is there any similarity drawn on these two events? Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Yes I do agree with the author that the acrobatic feats being displayed in the street corner to eke out for their living is no less than a gymnast tactic. I have seen young girl walking on the tight rope between this end and that end without any support nor precaution. Even she fails and falls on the ground, the injury may be fatal. But still they do the trick with great care and perfection. What we are habituated that by playing back ground music and to the witness of many people the gymnasts also do same kind of exercise in the arena but that is given National and International importance.
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