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    Do you check online price before buying any item in the open market?

    As in the olden days we don't have any online market so in open market whatever the Maximum Retail Price is there we believe it is correct, but the e-commerce or e-marketer has explored the wings for every item from buying a costly item to a less price item. Do you check online Price when you want to buy an item in an Open Market? Do you bargain as per online market price? Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    I have this habit of checking the price online these days. I have managed to save a lot of money this way. For example some of the electronics that we buy offline are way cheaper online. Take example of power bank. Offline you have to pay the MRP price. If you buy it from mall then 100 Rs less or so. But online the price can go down by 400 Rs or more. I mean check the prices of Syska and Ambrane power banks. Lot of pride reduction online. Wholesalers selling directly online has reduced the need of the offline shops.

    Except vegetables and some grocery items, I think lot of things are much cheaper online. I would definitely prefer to get into online purchase instead of buying offline. There are some of the products however needs to be purchased offline if you want to have some control over the expenses.

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    Yes I do check prices online before buying them. There are lot of offers and discounts that are available on products. This ultimately helps to buy the goods at considerable low price which helps to save few bucks.

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    By the way we cannot compare on line price with that of open market rate for a same product. In on line marketing the purchases are made in bulk and stored as buffer stock and the payments to the manufacturer is also made in staggered way. So they have the leverage of price difference as there is no distributor or the whole seller in the middle and their margin is given as the discount to the direct customer. Even in open market some stores have direct purchases from the manufacturer especially the super markets and their pricing would be on par with that of on line pricing.
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    Yes, absolutely. I check every time and compare the online and offline price of the product and the online prices are always lower than the offline sellers price. Actually nowadays online is the best of shopping to go forward. I do agree, it does have its own limitations like faulty products delivered, actual product differing when delivered. All these are like 1% out of where there is 99% success. Not to mention the refund and exchange policies in online, which makes life easier and also making us more lazier.
    And its the product companies, who likes more to go online as it increases there market.

    Offline sellers does provide discounts which is like for 10 kg tomato, giving one tomato extra. Its the base the offline sellers charge high basically due to the transport charges and showcase charges they have incurred. They want get all the charges from the buyer to get the maximum benefit. Whereas in online, once we place out order then product goes to the ecommerce company and gets to the customer. Customer pays for the deliver alone.

    Online sales have gone big with Modi's demonetization move.

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    Yes I do check online price before purchasing any item. By doing this sometimes I find online shopping is cheap and sometimes going to the market and buying personally will be cheaper than online purchase. For Eg: Grocery items are always costly in online market. So before buying any item I always compare the price in online . For Eg; cell phones or any electronic items are cheaper in online.

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    Hi all,
    I do check online the price of a certain thing before buying it. But there are only so much things that you can buy online. One cannot buy a dress online because one can never be sure as to how the real product will look like on reaching that particular person.

    The online price drop is the only thing that attracts customers the most. But that too has another story to tell, in the cases of places such as mine, the online sellers charge additional charges for transportation and handling. Therefore the total price of the product upon reaching the customer might not be that much cheaper. There are also cases of online goods not being delivered on the doorsteps of the customers even after paying for postage and handling.


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    Checking the prices online before shopping is a very good idea but there are times when a person is in a hurry and has not got enough time for it. Further for small value purchases this may not look practical.
    For bigger purchases advance planning is required and then it makes sense to go to the shopping portals and ascertain the prices and other conditions of the required items before going to a nearby market for comparison and making a decision. There are pros and cons of both the modes but if financial aspect is the main criterion, yes it is really rewarding to check the prices online.
    Another aspect is that there is now a very cut throat competition between these shopping portals or to say all such online activities like e-wallets, travel portals, hotel bookings and they are offering various discounts and cash backs etc. which one can take to advantage. Only thing is one has to spare some time for these online activities. A good internet connection ( or wi-fi) is also required continuously.

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    No, there is no need to check to the prices that we get in open market. There is absolutely no comparison between the things that you purchase online and from the open market. Don't get confused, I'll make it clear for you. If you buy any product online, it's price will always be less whereas in open market it will be more than what you get online. The simple reason behind this is that when you are buying a product online it directly comes to your home from the company and this work is done by the online shops like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and by all the other e-commerce sites. These companies are just the medium through which we are buying products for a less amount i.e., at the company price and not the MRP. Only the normal sales tax and VAT is applied to the company price and some times the shipping charges, if any, otherwise even shipping's are also done for free! When we buy from open markets they not only include the sales tax and VAT charges but also the transportation fees, charges applied by the wholesaler's, dealers and by the shopkeeper itself.
    Now, when it it comes to the quality and genuineness of the product you buy online, then it depends upon the online shop from where you purchase the products. Like, today Amazon is one of the top leading e-commerce site on which you can totally trust. I'm not saying this because it is a fact but because I'm a regular customer of and till now I have purchased more than 42 products from Amazon. They have an excellent panel of customer care services and are ready to solve all your problems and they are solved within the stipulated time period. Don't think that I have buyed some small items from Amazon, I have purchased books, hard drives, softwares, tool kits, vacccum cleaner, mobiles and many more!
    Nowadays, buying online is another way to save your hard earned money. And as the saying goes - "Money saved is money earned".

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    Yes, I do check online before buying anything from the open market. I had helped me many times. Here, I would like to discuss a recent incident. I purchased a printer which was worth Rs.15,000 on a particular website. But when I visited to a shop for buying this, he was asking Rs.20,000 for the same product. Then, I told him that you are charging almost 5000 rupees extra for the same product by showing him the website. Then, he assured me that he will sell me the product at a rate of Rs.15500 and provide free service for upto 2 years. Then, I agreed to his point and purchased the product from that shop.
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    Yes, I check prices online before i go to open market. But i always shop from open market. This is true that there is a price variation, but sometime online sites send some fake material which we have ordered. I have purchased some electronic item from a particular site but it got damaged in a few days. I returned it back, but it was not received by anyone. It was a bad experience about online market. But still i check price on these sites.

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    After reaching the market and identifying the specific article to purchase, I think nobody would check the online price of that item. It may not be feasible and practical.
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