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    Train your mind to see positive things in every matter or issue

    A person gets annoyed or agitated or even get negative thoughts if he fails to live up to the expectations of his own mind. If the mind is good and has the capacity to gauge the positive thinking in every aspect, then there cannot be difference of opinion, enmity, misunderstanding or even ego problem. The problem is that we never apply our mind on some sensitive issues, which are otherwise positive but our bad thinking level makes the matter as negative and thus we are against the move or matter. Any say on this ?
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    Very nicely said Sir.

    Gratitude and being mindful are two things that helps us find positive in everything that is around.

    I think some of the times we have to live in moment instead of seeing too much into future. Negativity affects us when we see too much into past and future. And that's where we have to learn to stay in present.

    The practice of finding good in everything is really good. This along with meditation can have a lot of effects. I have seen some of the cancer patients who have survived due to practice of being positive. Most of the people these days practice being mindful.

    Negative thinking happens if we are not in habit of seeing things positively. Instead we are comparing our life with other people.

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    Well said Mr. Mohan. Training the mind to see the positive side even when we are in worse conditions really helps a human being in many ways like - staying healthy, spreading positivity to others. But to be positive or train mind is not so easy.

    Worse situations always brings out the negative things first, which gives more stress and issue more big. I would say, firstly we need to look into the situation and think, could this have been avoided or could this have been worsen than now and should not start blaming ourselves for the failure or the worse situation. And as per the old saying 'Mistakes are our teachers!- rather than dwelling on the issue. We need to recognize and think of ways for the future, where we could avoid such situations/issue. We cant change the past, We can design the future.

    So on any situation/issue, if we focus on the positive scenarios , that could positively change our outlook, which in turn reduces stress and concentrate on achieving things that otherwise may not have been possible.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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    I agree with you Mohan sir we should try to stay positive. But most of the times negative thoughts overshadow all the positive things going around us and we endup thinking negative. And most of thr time negetive energy inside us seems to be more powerful even if we try to stay positive this negetivity blurs and stops all the rational and logical parts of our thought process.
    Do you think there are easy and better ways to over come negativity within our mind and thoughts?

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    I too agree with the author. unnecessarily don't misunderstand anybody. The first thought we always get about others is negative then after knowing him well we start thinking positive. some times when we come to know that we were wrong in thinking about him, that time also our ego problem doesn't allow us to agree.
    Its better to kill our ego problem in some matters.

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    True. Everything has two sides. It is how we se it. It is relevant that we consciously train our minds and attitude to see the positive side. It may be a little difficult at start. But by constant practice and taking guidance from experienced mentors I will become a habit and way of life.

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