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    A new writer has a few queries

    Hi Team,
    I am a new writer in your prestigious site. I have few questions before I start writing. Is there any min or max word limit of writing content in your site? can I submit practice sets for any there any kind of document format needed?
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    Anosua warm welcome to this site and great to note that you want to share practice exam sets for this site. Before that please make sure that you know the posting guidelines and help topics of this site so that your contributions wont go waste. While there is no maximum limit to the words you can use as the article in own words, but you must have at least 500 words for a article to get published here. You can chose any topic of your interest but care must be taken that you write on your own and not involve in copy pasting activities. ISC regards the original writers and they will be ably rewarded with cash credits and awards.
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    Welcome Anosha to site.Isc is really a wonderfull sitr to improve your writing skills and for beginning you should start with discussion forum which will help you to understand the site better.
    As all the new notifications and announcements are placed in this section, it will keep you updated with all the current happnings and announcements in the site . And you can resolve all your querries regarding the site by reading articles about and ISC in article section.
    Here you can gain pints and new level like bronze, silver, gold and so on as per the content posted by you and points you gain and you will also earn money for that content.

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    A warm welcome to this site and All the best. In forum posting there is no word limit. But in article section there is a word limit of 500 words and in summary of the article there is a limit of 25 to 40 words. Certain HTML tags you can use, all the guidelines will be at the right side column. You can even post practice question papers and mention from which school or university it belongs to.

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    Welcome, Anousa.
    Please read Sectionwise FAQs. You will get somebasic idea about the guidelines. You may also refer to 'Help Topics' option in the drop down menu in this page top under "More".

    You can readPost content and make money from ISC.Guidelines are updated periodically. You may refer to "Announcements" under Forum -- India discussion forums-ISC announcements.

    Then for any specific doubts you may search for the keyword in the search box on top right of this page. Byand by you will be comfortable and brome expert yourself.

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    Anosua M,

    Welcome to our ISC family!

    Are you asking about the Practice Tests section? That section is closed for contributions to members since many years & was open only in the initial years of our site.

    If you are keen on contributing content as a writer in the articles section, then, as mentioned in above responses, check out the guidelines for it. The doc format is put in place on submission, as per an automated system. You do not need to put in any font or font size or font color tags. You just need to write it in MS Word format on your computer and then log in her & copy-paste it, putting in the appropriate title and summary. Ensure you put in good headings using HTML tags for the headings and for numbered points if any.

    If you need any further clarification, do ask further in this thread.

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