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    Lets know your hobbies

    Hi Everybody
    We usually have some hobbies in us and would like to share them in this forum. I like watching comedy and inspiration movies, like to listen always kishore kumar, rafi, lata mangaeshwar songs. I love to do crafts especially best out of waste and show my children that how any item can be converted to reuse it again. I like surfing in net, cooking new recipes,the last hobby but not the least that I love to play with kids and like small children very much with their cute actions.
    Let know my ISC friends hobby.
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    Well hobbies do change while we grow up and we wont continue the old hobbies. When I was young , I was the good observer and wont tolerate injustice nor wrong doings by others or departments and used to share my ire in the Letters to the editors column of News papers in Hyderabad and the responses used to be huge and the action was immediate. But after becoming member of this site, my free time has been dedicated to this site and in fact sharing in this site has become hobby for me. I feel very satisfied and comfort in writing for this channel and I get totally involved.
    K Mohan
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    A person without hobbies is a dead wood. Hobbies are essential for growth happiness and passing the leisure time. In general every human is supposed to have hobbies.
    I as a student had hobby of reading stories which slowly changed to a passion. I do not remember how many stories/ books I have read. What I remember is there was a Govt library in our town which was giving two books per day to its members and for years I was the one takings books regularly. I do not know how I managed my studies that time.
    While going through the books in library I found lot of hindi translations of foreign language books ( at that time we were knowing little English, what to say of other languages). I was very fortunate to read those books as without traveling to those lands I came to know a great deal of them - the society, their culture, relationships, political and historical environments etc.
    Some of my friends and colleagues looked on me strangely when talking on myriad subjects but I took it to smilingly.
    I look back and see it as a great hobby I acquired innocently in my childhood.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I do not think that an active ISCian can have any other hobby than being an ISCian with a hobby to post messages and respond messages. Of course I can talk about my hobby prior to joining ISC. Drawing was my hobby. Listening music was my hobby. Driving was my hobby. Writing poems was my hobby. Alas! All my hobbies vanished after becoming a member of ISC.
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    super posting as many of us nearly forget the term hobby as many of us are just spending hours together before computer internet or meddling with mobile phones. In earlier days even in schools there was a composition writing on the topic hobbies which was also an important one in every class. Hobbies like bookreading,library going,radio listening etc are still with people who crossed 40 years only. Persons below 40 years of age do not know even what is a hobby

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    Good responses from the members happy to read your hobbies. Let me know more author's hobby.

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    My only hobby is learning. It can be about studies/movies, games, stories and so on.

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    Learning cannot be a hobby. Learning is like growing. Hobby is generally a time pass activity. Learning is a very serious activity.

    No life without Sun

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    My hobby is researching, reading and writing. During my service period, I used to write technical reports after thorough research about the subject matter and after retirement, it is more about human behaviour, life, education and career.

    After being very active on ISC after retirement, I achieved the platinum level in 500 days by earning on an average 100 points per day. Nowadays, besides writing on ISC, I am contributing in Quora and sharing my important posts in LinkedIn, and Facebook,

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I play few games like chess, badminton, soccer sometimes although I'm not a great player.
    I love reading and writing. I write poems and stories a lot. I listen to music. I sing too.
    Dance is something that I can never get. But I love and patronize all kinds of art.
    I watch a lot of movies, cartoons, TV series. I like cooking too. When no one's home I sneak into the kitchen and experiment with flavors. I'm really interested in astrology and astronomy.
    I like predicting people's characters. I love learning languages too. I already know quite many.
    Cycling and jogging are kind of my hobbies too.

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    I think author kailash kumar and K mohan are the senior author's in discussion and good to know their hobbies. But most of the author's hobby are very similar to mine. Thanks to all for responding and mentioning their hobbies.

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    I have varied interests which I pursue with great passion.

    1. Reading – This is something that I have been doing ever since I can remember. It is a passion and there is never a day that I do not pick up a book to read. There are days when I get so engrossed in the plot of the story that I stay awake, late into the night, just to finish the book.
    2. Baking – I love to cook, but baking is what gives me the greatest pleasure. However, these days I have cut down on the amount of baking I do. Working in the kitchen is soothing – I do not crib about having to cook.
    3. Gardening – Being around plants gives me immense pleasure. I do not have much space in my present home, so gardening is limited to just a few potted plants. I had created a few bonsais, but the recent cyclone destroyed them.
    4. Music – It is something that my day starts with. Of course, what I listen to in the morning is Holy songs, but these are sung by popular singers, who also happen to be my favourite. Once, a CD containing Holy songs is over, I listen to some country and western music. It helps that my husband and I share the same taste, when it comes to music and books.
    5. Scrabble – I also enjoy playing Scrabble on Facebook.

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    I had many hobbies like dancing, listing music and reading novels. But after joining ISC all got in drain. Its quite interesting, that i don't need other hobby anymore except dancing.

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    As stated by Mohan Sir, "Hobbies change by the passage of time". It truly happens with a student who passes his different intervals of age. When I was young, I was fond of going school regularly and securing 100% attendance in the school. I had done this twice in my student life. Many times I was stuck at 99% attendance. Apart from this, I love to recite poems, news articles in the school assembly by holding mic. As soon as I grew up, hobbies changed eventually. I got addicted from Internet and started blogging. Till now Blogging has become my passion and I have my 2 blogs running over web. My another hobby is to visit tourist places and very soon I will making a blog over this. Till now, I had explored about 50+ tourist destinations in India.
    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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    As some mentioned above, yes my hobbies also changed based on time. I am more into sports. In my school days, I was very good player of cricket and used to be in ground playing cricket in all my free times. As in later stage in my teens, I was drawn more towards the volley ball.

    After passing college, once joined job and got introduced to Net. Got addicted to the browsing and experimenting new things by learning in net like rooting phone's, YouTube troll videos, Image memes, blog in blogger. And now after joining ISC, I am more into reading and responding to forums in ISC and unknowingly to myself ISC has become a hobby .

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