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    How can a Member of ISC regain higher status?

    In ISC, a Member acquires Platinum shield after scoring 50,001 points. Similarly, a Member acquires Diamond shield after scoring 10,001 points. But to retain Platinum shield, a Member has to score 10,000 points annually. Similarly, a Diamond Member is required to score 2500 points annually to retain his/her Diamond shield. Otherwise, the Member will be downgraded to the lower level.

    In this connection, I would like to know the following:-

    (a) What are the conditions to regain the higher status for such Members who have been downgraded? For example, let us suppose a Diamond Member was downgraded to Gold for not scoring 2500 points in the subsequent year. How can such Member regain his/her Diamond shield?

    (b) How the 'annual' points are calculated? Let me take my own case as example. I gained the 'Diamond' shield by 17th June, 2016 (it may not be accurate). So, would the annual calendar for me (for calculation of subsequent points) start from 18th June, 2016 and end on 15th June, 2017?

    Editors and Senior Members may kindly explain.
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    The points system allocated in this site is very unique and it gives no chance for others to manipulate nor criticize it . The best part of our member level system is that those who achieved higher level cannot think of maintaining unless and until the member continues with his or her contribution. That means the essence of this site ranking system that every has to perform here to earn points, earn awards and retain the membership level. In the past I have seen many member who achieved platinum member level have been down graded to diamond level because they are short of confirmed points to retain the position. Any member can gain back the original high position of level if he tries to again contribute and fill the gap that was caused due to absence. In that way level can be regained.
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    I don't think there is clear-cut regulation in respect of two issues I raised in this thread. At least, I have not found anything in writing.
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    Hi Partha,
    PFB the response for your questions.

    a) The below is the rule for the membership levels of Diamond and Platinum.
    Diamond: 10001 to 50000 Points AND 2,500 points earned in last 12 months
    Platinum: Above 50000 Points AND 10,000 points earned in last 12 months
    So, if the membership level is degraded from Diamond to Gold, all you have to do is to earn 2500 points within next 12 months to regain your Diamond membership level.

    In short, if your membership level is downgraded from Diamond to Gold, the moment you earn 2500 points in a span of 12 months your membership will be regained to Diamond. If your membership is downgraded from Diamond to Platinum, the moment you earn 10000 points in a span of 12 months your membership will be regained to Platinum.

    b) I don't think there is a concept of "annual points" in ISC. It is all about last 12 months. Whichever day you take, you have to consider the last 12 months points.

    Hope I have explained it.


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    No, Sir. You have not fully explained it. Please explain question (a) of my thread.
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    Hi Partha,

    I have updated my response above. Please have a look again. If it is still not clear, please let me know where exactly your need clarification.


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    I would like to have the expert opinion of our ME on the issues raised in this thread.
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    Mr Partha,
    To maintain your member level, it is mandatory to retain the specified points 2500/10000 for the last 12 months. To know your points scored during the last 12 months, get into the page where your daily, weekly, monthly and last 12 months scores are available to us. Just ensure that your last 12 months score don't fall below 2500 or 10000 as applicable. What else you expect from the editor or ME or WM than this convincing answer.

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    I have never literally spent time checking out time frames and calculating how many points less would make me lose my membership level or how many points I need to get to retain my membership level. I simply aim to contribute consistently. Mind you, I've not liked it myself when I twice lost my Platinum status. The first time was when the Webmaster introduced that points-maintenance rule one year-end and the second time was when I did not contribute enough to retain the level. That second time, though, I just took it more sportingly as I got a badge that time so sort of looked at it from a funny point of view. Yet, as I said, though, I did not count points literally, but just determinedly took up the challenge to keep my shield. So simply continue to contribute, but not just in the forum alone.

    As for the calculating tool, as mentioned by others in this thread, the calculation is as per the 12 months time frame. Thus, in your case, you need to retain 2500 points between 17th June 2016 to 16th June 2017 because you acquired the membership level on that day with 10001 points. Otherwise, your membership level will change to Gold. Of course, it would be great if you got more instead of fewer and reach the Platinum level! Like you, I can also lose my Platinum shield if I am not able to maintain consistency and get less than 10,000 points in the 12-months time frame. Please refer to this earlier discussion in which you too were a participant.

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    Frankly speaking, I had a spat with my boss on last Friday in office. So, I did not contribute much on that day (only 4 points). Therefore, I was required to compensate on yesterday (Saturday). So, I raised this thread to score 5 points.

    Now, my purpose is served, I scored 5 points in this thread, 2 points as responses and got my doubts cleared by the ME.

    What more can I want? My purpose is served.

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    This is just too much. You mean you raised this thread just to score 5 points and not really to clarify your doubts?! I don't appreciate getting dragged into such shenanigans.

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    Of course, I had a doubt, but it was not that important. By the way, the doubt is now fully cleared. I can now even help other Members to clear their doubts in this regard.
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    Partha, sometimes what we do as routine and without any sincerity may become useful to others. This thread of yours is one like that. Though you had raised it just for scoring points, the discussions would have helped many members who also would have similar doubts. I welcome you to raise many more threads even just to score points. After all only if a field is available we all can also play.
    So don't feel shy. Raise as many threads as possible. There will be many members and readers who also will have some use from them.(Personally, I do not raise threads or respond threads just for sake of points. So I am still at my same level and not much bothered also.)

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    Mr. Venkiteswaran: Why should I feel shy? When threads can be deleted/locked on flimsy grounds/without any rhyme or reason, everybody (every Member) can raise thread on any issue he/she feels like.

    Moreover, many Members (excluding you) may be doing the same thing every day, without admitting it in open platform. Whenever I do it, I admit it.

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    I would also say that it is too much of you being a very intelligent and active member of ISC forums. It is not right to raise a thread after having much knowledge on the subject. It is like fooling the responding members as you did it in this thread. Bad, not good, I must say and you should regret and refrain from such point scoring activities by raising irrelevant and unnecessary threads. Never post messages cunningly.

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    Mr.Sun: Please read my response ( #587818). There I clearly mentioned : "Of course, I had a doubt, but it was not that important."
    Can't I raise any thread seeking clarification about my doubt?

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    I would say it was a silly doubt, not a genuine doubt to an intelligent and extraordinary ISC member like you. Anyway, the discussion is over and I have wasted my time to post my responses. Despite the accurate clarification from Mr Syed Rizwan, you maintained to continue your doubt to score your point to make good your member level.

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    Mr. Sun: Like you and others, I am also entitled to my opinion.
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