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    Doubt in google adsense account

    Do you have any doubt related to your Google adsense account? Refer this page and get clarification on that.

    As I am a gold level member, since many days I am trying to create adsense account through ISC but its asking me to create another email account. Can't I create adsense account in existing gmail account. Members those who have done adsense account through ISC please guide me.
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    Author may please note that the advise is clear. Please create a new e mail account and then submit your new proposal for the adsense approval through ISC profile page so that accord can be obtained from Google.
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    Your query has been referred to our editorial team to clarify. Please wait for a response from experts on our panel.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    My ISC account has been approved by Adsense long back. But my earning has been minscule so far, although I write regularly. I have not yet received any cheque from Adsense. I feel there may be some mistake on my part to include my particuars. I have stopped checking Adsense account long back. I last checked it more than two months before.
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    Did you not enter the PIN which you must have received from Google on reaching $10? You will get payment directly to your Bank account and not by cheque. The cheque system was discontinued long time ago! You have to mention your Bank account details in your AdSense account. If you wish, I can guide you via email on managing your account correctly so that you can earn - you should not let the opportunity of earning go just like that. Never refuse entry to Goddess Lakshmi, so to say!

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    Ms. Vandana: After more than two months, I have just checked my Adsense account. The amount due is only US$ 6.27. Most probably, I have not added all sections in my Adsense account.

    I would be grateful if I get private tuition (without paying any fee!) from our ME in this regard.

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    I have communicated with you via email just now. Note that it is not "tuition" but guidance! In case I am unsure of some aspect, I will refer it to somebody on our editorial panel who is more knowledgeable about it than I am.

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    My Adsense Revenue is 0$ from the past 6 months. I know that I am not active regularly on ISC. But I was active in November 2016 even then there is no earning from Google Adsense side.
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    If you are asked to do so, then proceed to the next step. It will automatically go with the gmail account if you have signed in Gmail already or sign in with your existing account. You do not need to create new Gmail account for this. If you still find difficulty, share that problem with a screenshot so that we will able to give you accurate solution.

    Partha, you no need to add all the sections in your Adsense account in order to earn Adsense revenue. You need to focus on contents which get traffic. Forum is not a place for earning adsense revenue. You can try out Articles / Ask Experts (already you are doing) / Schools / Colleges / Question Papers / Jobs. I say it from my experience (I have earned $7000/- so far from ISC alone since last 3 years, mostly from Jobs and Articles Section, now job section is almost dead for Adsense revenue)

    Ravi, I have visited your profile. You have mostly contributed to Forum section during November 2016. It is very difficult to earn Adsense revenue from Forum section. Even if you contribute big in Forum, you won't be able to earn much.


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    Thank you jebaprincy, I had tried that also but still once again I will try.

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    Sincere thanks to Jebaprincy. I will try to add Articles section in my Adsense account.
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    Miserably failed! Even after trying for more than one hour, I could not add Article section in my Adsense account. It is becoming more and more complex for me.
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    It is simple. Just go to My ads -> URL channels -> +New URL channel
    A box will open where add and click on 'Add URL channels' button. That's all. Total earnings of all of your articles can be tracked using this URL. For tracking earnings of individual article, you need to add each article link by this method. Hope you will not fail this time!


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    Thanks Jebaprincy, I was not aware about it till now. However, I had added custom URL channel.
    With regards,
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    You can create channels of all the sections to which you are contributing. Thus it will be like this:

    You can also get AdSense earnings from your own profile page. Thus, for example, in the case of Partha he needs to put this URL:

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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    It seems a lot of confusion has been created above. I will attempt to clear it in few words:
    1. Partha - Jebaprincy said - "Partha, you no need to add all the sections in your AdSense account in order to earn AdSense revenue". This means you don't need to add the article section specifically to be able to earn AdSense revenue from that section. All settings are already working and you will earn your share of revenue from here. Right now the reason for low earnings is simple - Your work here is simply not fetching any considerable revenue.

    2. gsadhiks - The reason you are being asked to use a different email id is probably because you already have a rejected application status associated with your email ID associated with ISC. You can't use an email ID associated with a rejected AdSense application to apply for an AdSense account from ISC.

    3. The URL channels mentioned above are just for tracking purpose, if you make a channel "" then it will track earnings from that section alone. It is not related anyways to enabling of working of AdSense here.

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    Sincere thanks to Ms. Jebaprincy, Ms. Vandana and Mr. Ankit for making efforts to clear some of my doubts.

    I would be grateful if they also help me to understand how to link my Bank Account with my AdSense Account.

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    1. Please refer the below URL for steps to reach payment settings page

    2. To fill the bank details you can refer another page:

    However, I think that you can fill your bank details only once your address verification is complete. That process will start only once you cross $10 mark.

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