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    Poor earning from Adsense Account

    I have a doubt about my AdSense earning from my profile page based website. Google status is "APPROVED" but IndiaStudyChannel Status is "Pending (This will not affect your Ad serving.). My adsense earning is stuck up at $1.46 for a long period.
    My question is "What is the reason for my poor performance with Adsense? Is it due to something technical or is it due to less effective keywords, lack of organic traffic etc.?"
    I believe we have some experts of adsense in ISC. Kindly explain.
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    Rajesh from your profile page I could gather that you have submitted very less articles and that wont suffice to get you better income from adsense as opined by you. As far as other members are concerned, the adsense is working well and those who have been continuously contributing their best articles on daily basis their adsense earnings has been in the increasing trend. So start contributing more articles of great issues and grab the attention of net users so that your page visit would increase and that will lead to further enhanced income from the adsense. My best wishes to you.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The pending status from ISC does not affect your AdSense earnings. Refer to #5 of this earlier announcement thread: AdSense revenue sharing program instructions .

    Secondly, as mentioned in the response above, you need to be more regular in your contributions of quality content if you are dependent solely on ISC for your AdSense earnings.

    Note that there has been a considerable free fall last year overall in AdSense earnings of a lot of members. In fact, globally too, many have experienced a heavy drop. I recall the Webmasters had mentioned once that it is likely due to the fact that more & more people are discovering the avenue of Google AdSense as an online earning program. Hence, more & more people are launching their own websites and thereby there is heavy competition to get the attention of advertisers. Those who have niche sites & are posting really high quality content are the ones surviving. ISC has survived a lot of tough competition, of course, but individual members do need to continue to post quality content. Also, it is not just the articles sections which you need to focus on. I would suggest you contribute in other sections too, such as jobs, Ask Experts and Question Papers. Take part in any reward program related to the articles section as well, as the topics are selected by the Webmasters based on the likelihood of these fetching traffic & thus likely good AdSense earnings.

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    @K. Mohan
    Thanks a lot sir for your quick reply. I shall try to post quality content regularly.
    Thanks a lot for your insight into the problem. You cleared the doubt regarding pending status in ISC. I gained from your reply. thanks again.

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