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    If "NEXT BIRTH" existed, then?

    If a "NEXT BIRTH" exists, what would you like to become or like whom would you like to be? It is not necessary to be born as a human being, you can share your own wish. I'm asking this question just to give a flight to your imagination! Take it as fun and let's see what everyone has to share. Apart from fun, you can also share your true wishes, if any.
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    In one Tamil cinema there was a song,'Naan kettu thaai thanthai padaiththaanaa, illai en pillai enaik kettu piranthaanaa' which means,' My father and mother were not existed as per my wish and my son is also not of my wish' Similarly the birth and death is definitely not in our hand and we cannot imagine or wish to take next birth and even we cannot decide our death also as in many cases suicide committed persons got escaped from their effort. Only if the person is to die as decided by the supreme power or God the suicide got success.
    But the next birth is sure only to avail the benefits of our good and bad deeds of this birth. To get removed ourselves from the next birth we should approach a real GURU (of any religion)for necessary training according to the GURU

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    If 'next birth' exists according to Hindu and Buddhist belief, then what? Not even a single people knows about his/her previous or future birth. At the same time, people adhering to future birth, don't believe in next birth. So, let us not discuss these issues.
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    Our next birth purely depend on our good deeds and good work done for the people and society now. What ever nice things we would way, what ever nice things we would direct would all go in to our account book kept by the Chitragupt and he is tabulating our next position of birth. So it is not in our hand or any other hand to predict what would happen. Some times people would be very harsh in their whole life and before death and they know that they have been doing wrong things all these years, would change their mind and start doing good things. They are also given lots of preference by the Chitragupt. That is the reason being so when ever elders start behaving strangely at home or anywhere else, the others would say them to remember and memorize the names of Gods so that at least at the fag end of the life good things would come to the mind for implementation.
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    Of course it is just imagination and fancying.

    If I am to be reborn I would like to be reborn as human being , but with ability and knowledge to know all languages, to be winner always, to be able to help all, with ability and talent for all arts and help the world to be more happy and peaceful with love and mutual affection.

    However if I am to be reborn as a creature other than human beings, I would like to be a bird or animal in a place where there is no human beings.

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    I don't know whether reincarnation and ribirths happens or not but if their is something like a next birth exists.
    I want to be an imaginary creature which can fly to very higher limits in the sky as well as can go deep down in the sea but not like humans eith the help of technology,
    But just like birds and fishes travelling far away travelling every cornet of earth with a completely free mind.

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    If I imagine about rebirth (of course its a imagination) i want to be a human being who have qualities like a Robot. Who have a large memory, who is omniscient, etc.
    Other then a human being i want be a flower which is full of fragrance.

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    Re-birth is still a topic of discussion in medical science. This thread might have raised just because of a Buddhist scholar who was once a student in Nalanda University. Recently, a 3 year old Buddhist child who is from royal family visited Nalanda ruins along with his family and told that he was scholar in this University 824 years ago. The child started murmuring the name of Nalanda since he had started speaking in early age. This fact has astonished everyone. Now the discussion over re-birth or incarnation has more lightened up among scientists and astrologers. Many claims have been made about re-birth by scientists and astrologers but till now any strong evidence or proof has not been found regarding re-birth.
    Apparently, if re-birth existed I would like to visit all those memorable places of the past which I had once visited. These places would give me immense pleasure and relieving experience.

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