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    Contribute to the list of the names of different types of sounds.

    I was reading some poems' extracts and I got to see some sounds were named according to their quality like chirps of birds, whistling sound of leaves, roaring clouds and many more. I desire to have some more names of different sounds produced from different things, literally and figuratively both. So I request all the members to contribute to the list with their knowledge or creativity for naming different sounds so that we could all learn some new words relating to some sounds.
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    As per my knowledge, I had listed some words that are used for sounds
    'roar' used for lions
    'chatter' used for monkeys
    'hiss' used for Alligator's voice
    'mew' used for cats
    'neigh' used for zebras, horses
    'bark' used for dogs
    'quack' used for ducks
    'trumpet' used for elephants
    'buzz' used for flies

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    Let's consider the sound of a roar. It can be used in many a context other than that of for describing an animal's loud cry (like that of a lion or a tiger). For example, it can be said:
    (i) As I approached the quay, I could hear the thunderous roar of the surf.
    - This is a reference to the sound of a heaving sea.
    (ii) The truck roared past the pedestrians waiting at the crossing at great speed, nearly knocking one of them down.
    - Here, it is used with reference to the loud sound emitting from a vehicle.
    (iii) Jake was roaring drunk, making an utter nuisance of himself at the party.
    - This is to indicate that Jake was extra loud & noisy.

    In a way not related to actual sound association, the word roar can be used like this: Kamini presented the topic so well at the seminar, that it was a roaring success.
    - Here, the word roar means huge.

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