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    Query about the member rank

    What if member rank is high and what if member rank is low?
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    You do not need to worry about the ranking system. It is not affecting anything really, whether high or low. It was introduced at the request of a member & it is a matter of pride basically to have a high rank, but nobody should feel disheartened as such with a low rank. The rank changes from week to week, based on points accrued through contributions during the week & is automatically updated by the inbuilt technical system on a weekly basis each Sunday.

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    Apart from the member level viz Platinum, diamond, gold , silver and bronze, rank also helps to know how senior or junior you are, and also your performing level.
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    Rank, along with accumulated points, helps a Member to understand his/her level of participation in various platforms of ISC, vis-a-vis that of other Members. Individual rank is calculated and changed on every Sunday.
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    Now, ranking system is even more better than earlier. If you are at low ranking then don't worry about that. If you are active in ISC and contributing by your answers, articles, then definitely you will come up very soon. And ranking does not affect your prestige in ISC. Here, we learn from each other.
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    Himanshu accept my best wishes for having joined this site as the new member and I know for the new comer like you the member ranking would be certainly the attraction and you would like to know more. Please note that as you go on contributing in various sections like forum , articles, ask experts, schools, jobs section, you gather points and that will determine your member level at bronze, silver, gold, diamond and platinum. Every week on Sunday evening the ranks are allotted and the member levels would also change. So stop bothering about member levels and have the impact with your regular contributions here.
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    Member rank high and low doesn't make much difference. If your rank is increasing means your getting a touch with ISC members. Suppose if your rank then you need to spend much time in ISC to understand their mode of contact. If your rank is high it doesn't mean your perfect nor if it is low. You should always consider yourself to be medium because we are never perfect. In our daily life we learn many things through many ways. So high doesn't mean positive nor low means negative. Try to be learner everyday you will never have such queries in your mind.

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