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    Why pongal has been removed from regular holidays list ?

    In a shocking and unexpected move, the Central government has removed the Pongal holiday from the regular list and now term it as restricted holiday. The Central government is against the Jallikattu or the bull taming ritual and now going against the wishes of Tamil people who consider the harvest festival a big celebration in their life. Freebies are announced by every government prior to Pongal festival so that people would celebrate, Bhogi, Pongal or Sankranthi and Mattu Pongal with full fervor and joy which is now absent this year. What might have prompted Modi government to take this harsh decision ?
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    Pongal was never in central government's compulsory holiday list. Apart from 12 compulsory holidays, central government employees union from each state can choose 3 more days from restricted holiday list as per their wish. Pongal doesn't available in the 3 days list since this year Pongal falls on second Saturday and it is already holiday. As usual media misunderstood and spread wrong news. It became a viral topic from yesterday onwards since already people of TN are against Central government stand on Jallikattu and its support for BETA.

    Hope we can see our cultural event Jallikattu for this year Pongal.


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    Yes, it is really a shocking and unexpected move, whereas it seems like Central government is neglecting the feelings of south India. And more importantly Tamil Nadu is targeted as they don't have majority here. With CM jayalalitha's death, their is no strong condemnation to question them.

    But this year, it seems that those employees interested in celebrating Pongal/Makar Sankranti has to obtain prior permission for availing this holiday. In case the higher official refuses to grant leave, the employee will have to attend duty, as per the news and claims by the Central government employees union.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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    I feel this is a very good instance of mistaken reporting or deliberate mispropaganda by vested interests for exploiting the sentiments . As predictable most people react just by going through the forwarded headlines or wrong report.
    In the case of holidays for central government offices and institutions, there are certain compulsory holidays like Independence Day, Republic Day etc which are all India compulsory holidays. Then a set of holidays are given, which can be chosen by the regional set ups with the consent of the employee's organisation representatives as per local importance. Such festivals has no relevance or following in other regions or states. Hence they do not become all India holidays.

    Pongal in Tamil Nadu , Onam in Kerala etc all come under that category. The employees organisation, welfare association have a role in selecting the choices. So even if it is not expressly declared as holiday, it is not central government to be blamed.

    I wonder why the employees unions did not clarify this matter. In fact the holiday list get published much earlier. Why the issue comes now only?

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    Today Central government updated holiday list by adding Pongal under compulsory holiday.

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    Yes the state committee here, has removed Pongal from the list of compulsory holidays on restricted list for state.Central Government Employees and Workers in Tamil Nadu are against Pongal being converted into a restricted holiday. It seems the state committee here has done a mistake, which removed Pongal from the list of compulsory holidays on restricted list for the state since the festival can be celebrated on a second Saturday.

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    Great that the Central government cared for the sentiments of Tamils and Pongal is now included in the regular list of holidays.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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