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    What is Triple Talaq means??

    In Muslim religion word talaq is considered as a bad word. They don't even use this word as a joke also. What is logic behind this. Is divorce happens if a man say word "talaq" three times or it has some other conditions with it. What does word "triple talaq" exactly mean.??
    knowledgeable members please respond
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    Talaq divorce, the husband says the phrase "I divorce you" (in Arabic, talaq) to his wife. ... Some do a "triple ?alaq", in which the man says in one sitting "I divorce you" three times (or "I divorce you, three times", "you're triple divorced").
    There is a separation for a couple after a divorce during which the husband and wife can remain without a new marriage contract, and she is prohibited from remarriage. This period lasts for the span of three menstrual cycles, three months, or until the end of pregnancy. Surah Talaq which stipulates that the divorce, also encourages witnesses to be present at the end of the separation period to confirm that the couple has chosen not to stay to gether.

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    As per the Muslim Law Board, there is a provision in their religion to part ways if the thinking lines and attitude of both husband and wife is not matching and their relations are soaring for various reasons and instead of approaching a court of law for their separation, they can say the word "Talaq" for three times in front of a clergy and that becomes the law as per their religion and the divorced wife is eligible for her monthly maintenance and she is free to marry other person of her choice. Like wise estranged husband can also go for another life partner without hindrance from first wife.

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    What is important is the assurance. One may make a mistake by saying it once, but no one will make a mistake by saying it thrice. That is the reason why the word Talaq is repeated three times to ensure that the words Talaq three times is for dead sure.

    Even in Hindus, we utter the word 'Sathiyam' three times (means it is the truth) whenever we are asked to do so.

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    Muslim marriage is a contract between a Muslim man and a Muslim woman. It is solemnized by a Qazi. This contract can be annulled by pronouncing this Arabic word thrice. Most of the Muslim countries have banned use of this word thrice at a time (it can be used after reasonable gap). But in India, the word can be pronounced thrice without any time gap.
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