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    Why do online websites make their news headlines more interesting?

    In earlier days there were no online news; everything was on printed version which was on paper and so the headlines and the inner content were relative. But nowadays, because of the coming of web, the online news medium is designed to make news fascinating for viewers and the headlines are made to stand out as all the more interesting and in all likelihood there will be no connection with the news. Take for example, the heading 'There is an attack on Parliament'. But when we tap on the link we see that it is in Kabul or some place in another nation. If by chance we compose the features with headings like 'Terrorist attacks on parliament in Kabul', there may not many viewers who will read the same. What are your perspectives on this?
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    Bhushan you raked up a good thread which is directly connects to internet marketing technique. Why a website is created ? Obviously to earn through the contents and advertisements. And how that can be achieved ? By bringing the net user to your page. How that is possible ? Simple give miss leading heading and once the page is clicked the website got its earning irrespective of you find the right content or not. This is happening with many sites and we must be careful not wasting time with unreliable sites. Yes there are genuine news web sites which wont give headings of miss leading nature and we can always trust them.
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    The main aim of the news websites and other entertainment websites is to increase the page views and to earn good money through advertisements. If the heading itself delivers the whole content of the news, then obviously people will not open the link and read the content. So to make the people read the news content and to increase the page views, the news websites and the entertainment websites are using some cheap tricks through headlines. Curiosity lies within all of us and the websites are using that curiosity as an advantage and are delivering the headline which ignites the curiosity of the readers.

    Very recently I came across one headline in an online news website. In Tamil Nadu, Actor Vijay's Bairavaa movie is getting released on Pongal and the fans of actor Vijay are eagerly waiting for the release of that movie. In that website, they have given the headline as "Actor Vijay's Bairavaa is not getting released on Pongal". If the headline is mentioned like this, then obviously out of curiosity all the fans will open the link to check the news. Even I too opened the link and found that the movie is not getting released in Srilanka. Online news website knows the hype created among the people and they know how people will react for an issue. So using such tricks, they get benefited by increasing the page views and they consider this as an online marketing technique to increase their revenue in online.

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    This is just to withdraw more number of visitors on their websites. That is why they post the headline that could be more attractive and touchy enough. And such websites contain advertisements and click ads. Whenever any visitor click on those ads, the website owner earns money in dollars. So, attractive headlines play an important role in earning of any website. So, better you see news of authentic online news websites only as they are genuine and their motive is to spread news only not earn money.
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    During my student days, I did various short-term courses. One of such courses was Diploma in Science Journalism. In the said course, I was taught that Scinece being a boring subject to many people, it is a really difficult job to attract people towards the articles based on various principles of Science. So, it is always necessary to find attractive titles for the articles.
    I think that online websites also work on this principle. Attractive and sometime ridiculous titles/headlines are used to attract visiotrs. However, the problem starts when the visiotors don't find any co-relation between the title and the content.

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