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    Nothing is impossible for girls

    Dangal is a true story of two sisters of Haryana and their father.It is an inspiring story of Geeta and Babita,their father was a wrestler,his dream was his son brought gold medal for the country.But her wife gave birth to four girls and at last he decided to train two of them as wrestlers.They worked hard and won gold medals for the country. The story establish a concept nothing is impossible for girls .The discrimination between girls and boys should be stopped.
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    very nice article.well said Indu singh the discrimination between a boy and a girl should be stopped for the welfare of girls and for the welfare of the entire society.i will surely see the film Dangal because i am very much inspired about its story line and once again thank you for your beautiful article relating to this film.keep it up and best wishes.

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    Yes, nothing is impossible for girls. They are entering in every field and successfully competing against the males. But it is also applicable in some offbeat professions also. The increasing number of female pickpockets in Delhi bears testimony of the fact that nothing is impossible for girls.
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    Through this post the author Indu brought the importance of girl child and nurturing her on par with the boy. Yes in some families the boys do get priority and that should be stopped. For us boy and girl are same and both gets equal attention. In fact my boy himself likes his sister very much and they shared very good bond. Even If I am there or not there, he will definitely take care of her. This all could be possible for giving equal opportunity and filed to both in every saga of life and they have understood the meaning of life with good bonding. Hope every one take inspiration from the film Dangal.
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    Dangal is really an inspirational movie in many ways. Girls should be given equal rights, this topic has been in our Indian community for ages. With Dangal, some people are getting to know how a female counterpart can be in the wrestling stages.

    Chak de! movie was also one which really inspired the girls in nation to take the tasks equal to men. Even thought it was fictional, in a way it was like dream come true for some girls.

    Girls have more patience and grit of strength (mentally) they can also become strong physically, if they wish to. But they succumb to the pressure of this Indian society. Girls always feels they are weak and cant take up with boys, that makes them to lose in the first place. Hope to see more inspirational stories take root from such stories.

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    Bano nayi should be ask those parents who always point out there fingers on girls...."teach your boys how to behave not to girls how to dress"

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    Yes, everything is possible for girls. Infact, girls have more dedication and determination in everything they do and can achieve success in any field but still there are some restrictions to girls which should stop and encourage them.

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    However, even these girls had to face discrimination and prejudice while they were being trained by their father. Girls can do anything and everything, but discrimination, bias and misogyny are still rampant, not just in villages, but in cities as well. Many so-called modern families openly discriminate between their sons and daughters and many modern parents, despite being highly educated, don't give equal opportunities to their girls and boys.

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