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    It is now clear that Demotization was aimed at increasing tax inflow and not weeding out black money

    From the body language of our Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and his happiness over the ever increasing tax in flow to the National exchequer is clear indicator that a game was played on the people of India that in the name of weeding out black money and cleansing the economy, the actual thing happened that every one is now brought under tax regime as we all are paying some amount or the other on every transaction and the government coffer is getting filled. Nevertheless that was a big exercise and the entire country was rattled for over 50 days. What is your view ?
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    By increasing tax inflow, government is filling its treasury. To make India a cashless economy, government should not impose any kind of additional service charges and taxes while paying through Plastic money. A person who is buying movie tickets through Debit card has to pay more than the person who is buying tickets from cash. So, this should not happen.
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    I believe this is a staged drama by this ruling BJP party to fill the government treasure and rattle the indian people to get their own money in the name of black money restoration. Whereas, this move has only benefitted the corporate's like Paytm, Reliance, all other e wallets and mainly to hide the bad loans provided by the bank to the big politicians and others. Whereas they were not able to get money from the flamboyant big mallaya, there are news every now and there on farmer suicide due to the loan repayment pressure from banks.

    And as for now on every cashless payments, everybody has to pay some tax based on card used. I really feel bad that while getting salary also they deduct in the name of Income tax and Payroll tax. After that this service tax, GST, VAT on buying/eating anything nowadays, I don't know, where all these money is going. Why still farmers and poor people are suffering. This is a well planned theft by the government to fill their own pockets and big slap on the face of middle and low class people. In the name of cleaning India from black money, they have cleaned all the money from our hands and now all are accounted so that for 1 rupee we have to pay 1 paise. With all these schemes " Rich is getting more richer and poor becoming more poorer" as per old saying.

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    My personal feeling is that the real and most compelling reason for demonetisation is not made public. I feel that the country's security and even sensitivity in international relationship may be the reason for not making the reasons public.

    Otherwise why should the PM take such a suicidal political risk when he is having a good international image and has a stable majority in Lok Sabha? PM has taken a very highly risky action which would have displeased his own party MPs and legislators, though none has come in public. It was just a political gamble he took when such a necessity was not there at all for his political image and command.
    It is that logic that makes me think that the real reason are some thing of serious nature which cannot be disclosed at this juncture. The fact that not much are in the know it also reinforces my fear. It I that PM has virtually taken the whole risk on himself and exposed himself to strong criticism even directed to his person.

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