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    Being a workaholic is good or bad?

    Workaholic is a person who gets addicted to work. We should not confuse hard working people with workaholics. Hard working people work hard to achieve success and apart from work they also give equal importance to family and life but that is not the case with workaholics. Generally workaholics, concentrate more on their work and they avoid taking long vacation, leave and break in weekends. Workaholics spend long hours in work and they give more importance to work than anything else in their life, including family and friends.

    Being a workaholic is good or bad? What are the pros and cons of being a Workaholic?

    Share your views on Workaholism.
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    Some people in a company or organization get interested to their work and by virtue of their total involvement and also the importance given to them in every decision making process, some workers do get addicted to the company and its work culture and eventually end up as workaholic. The company should not take undue advantage of such workers and instead give them more freedom on coming to the office and getting out of office obviously without any time bar on them. Such facility would further up their commitment to the work and they would finish the pending work if any even before the deadline.
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    Being a workaholic is okay to an extent, till he is in office. But nowadays it like, who is working religiously gets more work than the one who is not working. Its like managers say this, take up this and complete it before EOD. Whereas there are other people who don't have any work assigned. When that employee brings that to the manager, managers simply does reply- I don't trust him with this. If you feel he can do this, assign this to him. But at the end, review his work and send it to me. Actually that work will be done more faster than the time taken for the review. Result the 1 employee end up doing it, stays late and goes home late.

    This in turn makes him more tired and he doesn't gets time to spend with his family and friends. He tend to think of office all time and earnings which he gets is same the person who is not working much.

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    Hard work and efficient work is welcome. Working extra time is also needed at times of exigencies and to achieve deadlines and targets.

    However a workaholic is a constant worker. It is not necessary that he is efficient and smart working. He spends most of his active time in work related to his job or occupation. Initially he gets some encouragement, then it remains as an ornamental lip service. But he is well exploited by the employer organisation and even cleagues. Sometimes he is regarded as a nuisance also.

    A workaholic ultimately does not gain much in career and he forgets the family also giving preference to work. Thus he fails to enjoy family and social life. On retirement he becomes desolate and desperate and plunges into depression.

    One has to work hard, work efficiently and work smart. That will be a positive aspect. After the designated working hours one should spend time with family and also have reasonable social life.

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    I would say being workaholic at right time and right place is good. Nowadays when we talk about employees we think about IT industry only. There are lot of other industries also like Pharma and Manufacturing. People are workaholic their only. So my view does not limit to only software company employees.
    If you work for one company , working hard , from the day of its foundation then expect yourself in reputed position after 10 years. If you are in good position then being workaholic is good for you. If you are not even after spending hours and hours then you need to introspect what you doing in there.
    Most important if you hobbyist person then you can not be workaholic. It is nearly impossible and you should not be. Workaholic is bad if you wanted to follow your hobbies. Working all the time for employer eventually going to kill your hobbies.
    There are very few high IQ people who are able to maintain their work and life balance, pursuing their dreams along with smart work. Cons of workaholic is hurting unwillingly family and friends, losing precious time of age, office sickness impacts on health. Pros are only if you are working hard in smart way.

    Prefer family and friends over money. You can buy everything but can't buy time and relations.

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    Being Workaholic is a good thing but upto a limited extent. Some of the people are so busy in their work now a days, that they neglect their families, friends, co-workers just by saying that they are busy enough. Being workaholic is a good thing, but neglecting our close-ones is not a good virtue. Do work hard for your upcoming success and simultaneously give proper time to your close-ones also.
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    One way it is good to the concerned person rather than the establishment he work for. As his involvement is more only he could be a workaholic otherwise it is difficult. But it is needless to work always in the table but the time sit in the work table his entire concentration should be in the work without any distortion. But when the health is not ok, the workaholic nature should be avoided. One day I went to a friend's house to see him as he was on leave due to some health setback. I saw him in house when I enter, as working in his laptop, I just think that he must have some urgent work. On the same day a plumber (probably his known one) working on some repair as his wife called him. He after finishing his work, came out and asked him,'Sir, since you took leave for your office because of your health setback, but even you are doing the same work in house means what is the rest for your health. You should use your leave to give rest to your body.' As he told this words from his mind and equally I also liked to say the same to him after his leaving, I just affirmed strongly.
    So, we should see our health also while being a workaholic.

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