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    Have you heard about Douroucouli?

    During my school days, I heard about this animal, Doroucouli, but in a different context. It is the only word where the two letters 'ou' have been used simultaneously, thrice. Now I know that Doroucouli (Aotus trivirgatus) is the only nocturnal monkey of the world. Doroucouli is found in the forests of Latin American countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile and Panama. It is also called 'owl monkey' because of markings around its eyes.

    Another special feature of Doroucouli is that it can call in different manners at the time of hunting at night. It can squeak like other monkeys and it can also call in a gong-like booming voice which can be heard from a long distance. Doroucouli can also be a good pet and it is valued in South America for its ability in tracking roaches and other insects. Its main diet is fruits, nuts, leaves, insects and small vertebrates.

    It is a matter of great regret that the world's only nocturnal monkey can't be seen in any zoo of India.
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    By the way through this post I came to know for the first time Doroucouli (Aotus trivirgatus) which is the only nocturnal monkey of the world and exists in few parts of the world. After reading the quality and ability of this rare monkey, it seems God has given it additional advantage to raise voice in different tone. Normally a monkeys are nearer to human being character and they are also perfect in imitating the human being. If this particular monkey can be brought up as pet, will that amount to violation of wild life laws in India. That is the reason being so many animals wont find place with human beings.
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    I used to know this as Night Monkeys, seen a lot about this monkey's in Discovery. Got to know that its actual name is Douroucouli on this post. Night Monkeys are very active and the name came so from the fact that all species are active at night and in monkeys these stay up nights to capture the insects and move .
    Night Monkeys have the capability to make eight categories of distinct sounds ( calls gruff grunts, resonant grunts, sneeze grunts, screams, low trills, moans, gulps, and hoots), in a frequency range of 190-1,950 Hz.
    There are two groups in this species - northern, gray-necked group ,southern, red-necked group.

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    Immediately after reading the title, what I thought was that it could be the misspelled name of Sourav Ganguli as Douroucouli. Now I understood that it is a Monkey that is not seen in India. Thanks for the information.

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    Wait, they're not the only nocturnal monkeys out there. I can name atleast 30 more species. Aye-ayes of Madagascar and African bush-baby are nocturnal too. Loris too are nocturnal, and are found in India and Srilanka.
    Monkeys are awesome.
    Unfortunately all my above mentioned primates are seen as bad omens in their habitats and are killed on the spot. This has made them critically endangered.

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    well, we are all believing the varieties of monkeys and doing varieties of activities through internet or news from other countries but it is sad to understand that many of us do not believe the actions of monkeys in Ramayana which helped Rama to cross the ocean and there was a huge monkey called Hanuman who crossed the ocean. I read in one book that a skeleton of Katotkaja was found in some northern part of our country which was about eighteen feet tall. similarly we can see the pants worn by Tippu Sultan and the dagger used by him in the Mysore Palace and we can come to a decision that he,the king might be a gigantic one more than normal mans. My view is we are unfit to mock or comment the characters lived or told as lived earlier as we are little by little came to know about many such things and if really have guts we should excavate the reality.

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    In this thread I wanted to discuss about the only nocturnal monkey of the world, Doroucouli. I also wanted to state that this is the only English word where 'ou' come thrice. However, the discussion is gradually shifting to other direction.

    Mr. Aditya Mohan: I reiterate that Doroucouli is the only nocturnal monkey. Loris is not a monkey.

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    Partha, Loris is a primate. Well a common man calls even a Chimpanzee a monkey, whereas it's an ape. So I don't see any harm in calling Loris a monkey.
    In my eyes they are monkeys. Tailless though.

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    Okay, Mr. Aditya Mohan, as you wish. But you can check it with any Biology teacher of any school or college whether Loris is a monkey or not. The facial features and tail prove that Loris is not a monkey.
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