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    It is time now to update ISC India map for publication of its fourth edition on 26 Jan


    Many may be aware and few newbies may not be aware of the ISC India Map available in this site. The third edition of ISC India Map is attached herewith. The map is being updated regularly twice in a year and the new edition is published on 26 Jan and 15 Aug regularly.

    Old members whose names are not appearing in the map, and new members who wish to have their name placed on the map are kindly requested to post their state to which they belong.

    The fourth edition will be uploaded on 26th January 2017.

    Last date for your submission of state: 20th January 2017.

    @ My special and humble request to ISC: Kindly hang this ISC India Map in a suitable page as it appeared earlier when the first edition was published.
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    Lot of pain and work has been done to create this wonderful map and the members who are not finding their names can update the same with the author and this map can kept permanently in photo section.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    So nice to see such map was there in the site firstly. But I believe there are more Users currently, in which case that map will be needed to filled with more names and as Mohan mentioned, it really is a pain and requires lot of work to update each and every name. If we can pull this, that map could really be awesome. Hoping to see the map permanently in photo section.
    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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    So cool! Happy to see my name in ISC India Map.

    Thank you so much Mr.Sun for adding my name in the map. Your way of thinking is always different and this map is one good example for your creativity and effort.

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    The author may include my son Aditya Mohan along with my name as he is active and about to achieve the gold level position shortly. Like that new members who are active can be considered to be included.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @ Mohan,
    I am happy to include your son Aditya's name in the map. But I cannot add the newbies until unless they volunteer to have their name in the map. I had bitter experience of including the names of members without their consent.

    @Mahesh Lakshmipathy: If you wish to see your name on the map, kindly indicate the state to which you belong.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Welcome announcement from Mr. Sun. I also second his proposal of putting the next edition of the map in a prominet page of ISC.

    I have a small suggestion in this regard. Mr. Sun may use bold letters to denote active Members and normal letters to denote less active Members.

    So far as my name in the map is concerned, there is no change. I am living in Delhi.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Mr. Sun,
    Please include me in the map. Syed Rizwan - from Tamil Nadu.


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    My name on the map is put there without my permission. This subject has been raised on a previous occasion, but to no avail. I have asked for my name to be removed, but it is still there. There is no dearth of members, so why does my name feature on the map, despite having requested that it be removed.

    ISC may endorse and support this map, but that does not permit you to infringe on my rights.

    Please understand the cliché 'no, means no'.

    Underestimate me...that'll be fun!

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    Thanks Sun for including my son's name Aditya in the map. Yes I understand without the expressed wish of the member it is not correct include their names. I agree with you.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr Sun, when you have raised a thread asking members if they are interested in placing their names in your map, you do have the responsibility to ensure that you do not place the names of those who have not agreed to your proposal. Please respect individual choice and their right to privacy. I suggest you to remove Juana's name, and of any other member who has not given you permission, from the present map itself at the earliest. Let us not have any argument in this connection because you are not justified in what you did.
    "To be proud of knowledge is to be blind with light" - Benjamin Franklin

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    My dear fellow ISCian,
    I think I am wasting my time and energy at ISC for creating some special thing which pleases many members and doesn't please few members.

    I am dropping the idea of updating the ISC India map, considering it as a waste of time and energy at ISC. The ISC map will not be updated anymore, and no new edition will be published in future. But the ISC Map (3rd edition) will be available in my own profile page for memory.

    My request to ISC to place it in a suitable page is cancelled.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Sun never get irritated for small request. Juana has the right and as she sought to remove her name , do the needful and proceed with updating with others request. Nothing wrong in your endeavor.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Another volte-face!

    So, the fascination with my name continues. I wonder why the author is so obsessed with me and reluctant to remove my name – even going to the extent of conceding his 'request' for the map to be placed prominently on ISC, rather than heed my request. Makes me wonder whether the map is incomplete without my name!

    Wasn't the map removed from the homepage, after some discord?

    I request the admin to please see to it that my name is not part of this exercise. I have made enough requests and it is time that some action is taken against this erring member. He has resorted to trolling. How long will you permit such behaviour?

    Underestimate me...that'll be fun!

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    I am firm with my decision to discontinue Sun's ISC India Map. However, I would like to say that the affected member concerned has never requested for removal of her name from the map at any time. The member never made 'Enough requests in the past'(not even a single request)" It is a truly a lie from the member. (The member may quote the URL where she requested for deletion) What the member said was that her name was misplaced in a wrong state without her consent. That's all. There was no request from the member for deletion of her name. The map has the member's name since 26th January 2016 without any objection.

    @ I have placed the name of Web Masters Tony, Jose and Timmy and many editors and members without their consent but with faith that there won't be any objection from them.

    Anyway, My decision is final and firm. Sun's ISC India map will never be updated and published. The Map's life ends with its third edition to save Sun's time and energy for other useful purposes.

    "When love is thin, fault is thick" I must say and conclude.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Mr Sun, while it is very much up to you whether to update or publish the map you have created, let me say that you have no right to keep the name of a member who has specifically mentioned (if not earlier, now) that she does not want her name to appear on the map. So, as the creator, you are bound to remove her name if the map is to be retained. I don't think there is any need to give the same any further interpretations as that is what ethics demand and would be morally and legally correct.
    "To be proud of knowledge is to be blind with light" - Benjamin Franklin

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    Refer to: this thread

    Some really genuinely kind advice for you if you would care to listen: All you had to do in this present thread is apologize for putting a member's name on the map without permission, remove the name & go ahead with updating it with those who wished to have their names on it. It was that simple, rather than spoiling your own thread & your own creative efforts.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    When I can have 100 names on the map with the consent and without the consent of the members, and 99 members says Okay and appreciate my good efforts, and only one says 'No' now. What could be the reason? The map author loves and respects all the ISC members equally. All ISC members are my brothers and sisters.

    Finally, Since I have decided not to go ahead with my fourth edition and further edition which I consider as wastage of time and energy, I cannot go back to my third or second edition and make some alteration which is also a wastage of time and energy. It is also illegal and not possible and impracticable to alter a publication once published and remained on records over an year. All the three editions of the ISC India Map remains with me unaltered forever.

    In future, If I have a plan to publish the fourth edition of ISC India map, I assure you all that the name of the member concerned won't be seen anywhere on the map.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Sun at #588235. Why are you so adamant? 99 members may not object to you placing their name on your map but I firmly believe that you, as the author of the map, is bound to respect the feelings of the one who does not want her name to be put in the map. Don't talk about legality and all that stuff because it is quite clear that it is basically your attitude that is restraining you from removing her name from the map. It is not a question of fear or favor (as you have alleged in another thread) but of ethics and decency.
    We would have very well taken necessary action if there was an editing option in your map. I request you not to come up with another edition if you are to follow the same attitude and policies, please.

    "To be proud of knowledge is to be blind with light" - Benjamin Franklin

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    I just learned a sad lesson - kindness can fail.
    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #588248
    To Mr. Sun,

    Yes, I have asked you to put my name but now please remove my name from "ISC map". The reason, I am no more contributing in ISC and have no interest to contribute in future too. It is my personal name and I have the authority where to put my name or not. It is a "request" to you that please remove my name. There should not be any debate or argument on this matter. Just remove it.

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    I would have gone ahead with the publication of my fourth edition. But #588110 of a member was in a bitter taste. I am reproducing it here.

    "My name on the map is put there without my permission. This subject has been raised on a previous occasion, but to no avail. I have asked for my name to be removed, but it is still there. There is no dearth of members, so why does my name feature on the map, despite having requested that it be removed.

    ISC may endorse and support this map, but that does not permit you to infringe on my rights.

    Please understand the cliché 'no, means no'."

    @ The member should have simply asked me to delete her name from the map in simple words rather than telling a lie that she had asked me to remove her name earlier. Had she asked me to remove her name earlier, I would have obliged, and her name would not have appeared in the third edition. So it is utterly a lie blaming the Map author. I cannot tolerate members telling lie.

    Hence I have decided not to go ahead with the fourth edition. My decision is firm and final.

    @Vandana: Why should I apologize when I have not done anything wrong? The issue was discussed and the concerned member has informed her state and was pleased to see her name in the right place(Delhi). Why a sudden jerk with lies?. Was there any communication to get her name removed from the map in the past? If yes, it is a proven lie.

    @ Saji: As of now, I have no plan to publish my fourth edition. I am happy with the work that I have done. 1,2,& 3 is good enough for me.

    I repeat and say - "When love is thin, the fault is thick."- a proven proverb fit for this issue.

    Finally, Let the member come forward and seek an apology for telling a lie, I would alter my decision.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    See response no. #535994 in the thread to which I have given the link, where Juana clearly said "You mentioning my name without permission is also a problem." Isn't that a loud and clear message that her name should not be on the map? Yet, in the later response #535997 you said "I have removed your name from the map. You can have some peace of mind, and relax now. I may place your name under Delhi when I update my map next month." Did Juana give you the permission to do so?

    Yet you have the gall to say that she should ask for a direct apology from you!!

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

  • #588251
    Will the editors please take note of the personal attack on me. The jibes in #588235 and in #588249 are directed at me. What is this member trying to prove – that he is a saint and everyone should be in awe of him. Someone who had put out an appeal, inviting names to add to the map, just the day before is now citing lame excuses, why it cannot be done. I don't understand why this man is obsessed with me.

    I have no intention of pulling threads to prove that I asked my name to be removed. Lies – this entire story that is being woven by the author is a lie. My name was removed in a previous edition, and included again without either permission or intimation. I repeat, this is trolling at its best, and if this is not stopped this is going to get ugly.

    If this map is published anywhere on ISC I request the editors to ensure that my rights are not violated.

    I owe my sincere thanks to Saji and Vandana for standing up against this victimisation. Since the option of editing the map is not available to the editorial team, I suggest that the map be removed, if my name continues to feature on it, and it features on the member's profile. I request suitable action be taken, to put an end to this untamed harassment.

    Underestimate me...that'll be fun!

  • #588254
    God alone will know who is telling a lie. The concerned member can take her own sweet time to pull the old threads wherein she said " Remove my name from the ISC India Map". Had she uttered any words in the past, I would alter my decision and go ahead with the publication of fourth edition without her name.
    No life without Sun ¤

  • #588257
    Mr Sun, it is quite irritating to note that you are not trying to understand (or do not want to) the point we are trying to convey. Did you read the thread referred to by the ME and the responses therein and the response at #588250 by ME herein? If you still can't get the point, I am sorry. Your repetition of the same point and the adamant attitude exhibited reminds me of the old proverb, 'a horse can be taken to the pond, but cannot be made to drink'. I am sorry Sun, I am off from this thread but the admin will keep watch and do the needful as and when the right time comes.
    "To be proud of knowledge is to be blind with light" - Benjamin Franklin

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    My dear fellow ISCian,
    At last, I wish to conclude saying the following; I am a creator and preserver, not a destroyer. Whatever I create will be useful only, never harmful to any individual, group or society. My ISC India Map creation is also one such thing that is not dangerous to a person, or society or the nation.

    If someone feels that My ISC India map is harmful and dangerous to any ISC member or the ISC family or our nation, I will do away with the ISC map forever. Even I will remove it from my profile page and send it to the dustbin to rest in peace.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Yes Sun, we've had enough. You have shown very poor behaviour in this thread. Remove the map from your profile page (otherwise the Webmasters can do so) since you have not acceded to requests and have no respect for such requests, contrary to your grandiose statement about respecting all members. If at all you put any map at your profile page at any time in the future, let it be only with names of those who have agreed to have it.

    I am locking this thread now as no point in us wasting time any more in trying to make you see sense.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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