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    Meaningless opinions and statistics targeting people

    When a minister or a dignitary makes despicable, derogatory remarks against women or a community, there is uproar, with demand for an apology or resignation. A minister was recently served a notice by the National Commission for Women (NCW) for his comments on women. Despite this and regrettably so, self-styled, so-called cultured members, come out with sexist and bigotry comments in the name of voicing their views and get away with it. Some have made a habit of it – and there is no attempt to rein them in.

    I request the ISC admin to take note of this repugnant trend and discourage such imprudent behavior. How are pejorative comments about women allowed on a site that is held in high esteem? How is religious bigotry allowed here? They may be personal opinions, but when it is an entire section of a society that is spoken about, in an insulting manner, such views become an attack.

    We need to set examples here, even if that means sending out a strong message – personal opinions that target women or religious minorities cannot be allowed to supersede what is right. In remaining mute spectators we encourage a trend that goes against the basic tenet of civilized society. It is standing up for what is right that defines who we are, as does remaining mute spectators. Online forums have a way of reaching thousands of people, some of whom are at an impressionable age and can begin believing such false propaganda.

    I expected champions of peoples' causes to question the belligerent behaviour on display, in a recent thread that targeted people. Can an advisory be put out, so it becomes an unwritten rule and we do not have any more ugly views being shared in the forum, in name of opinion and statistics.
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    I concur with Juana's views on the matter & fully support her request!
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    I fully agree with the author. Editors should ensure that our members do not post opinions and statistics targeting the people. If they find such things, they should edit it and correct it. If they cannot edit and correct, delete it.

    @ Update
    Very recently, I posted my opinion and statistic which is true and the editors considered it, though there was a disagreement from some quarter.

    I quote an external URL for the members to understand whether I was right or wrong.

    Was it a wrong or meaningless opinion from me? It is for sure that Christianity permits women to call their hubbies by name, whereas Hinduism doesn't. There could be some exceptional cases in both the religions.

    According to the census, India's population consists of 80 percent Hindus, 14 percent Muslims and 6 percent Christians and other religions. There are also modern Hindus who call their hubbies by name. So I concluded saying 10 percent of Indian population call their hubbies by name. Was it wrong?

    Thus, It becomes a subject for discussion, not frustration. Religion is a subject in ISC that can be discussed without hurting the sentiments of the religion and its people.

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    Juana, please note that contentious threads are followed and are always discussed internally. I am locking this thread as the content generally does not appear to be in good taste. You suggestion regarding an advisory being put out is noted but let me ask you a simple question, why can't we stop targeting individuals and be ready to contribute to maintaining a healthy atmosphere in this site. After all we are not primary school kids that each and everything need to be told. We all need to understand the basics and behave accordingly. There is no bar to discussing anything under the Sun but it should be acceptable to the policies of this site. Leave aside personal issues because there is very less chance to clear the air in a virtual world.
    And Mr Sun, ISC is different from Quora. Hope you will wake up to reality and start thinking positively.

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