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    Bhogi, Pongal, Kanumu festivals are lined up. Post your greetings here.

    We all know that Sankranthi festivities are going to start with Bhogi which is the time to get rid of old things and buy the new one. And then comes the Pongal. This is the harvest festival where in every home would cook the first harvested rice as Sakkara Pongal or sweet Pongal and that is offered to the Sun God. On this day even Kites are flown in the sky and for the children this is the joyful festival. The next day is the Kanumu. By preparing various colored rice which are offered to the crow, the sisters will pray for the well being of brothers. In other way it is like Rakhi festival in South India. Members can post their greetings here. My best wishes to all the members on this festive occasion.
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    Pongal also known as "Tamizhar Thirunaal," and it is believed to represent the first harvest of the year. And this day marks the start of the sun's six-month-long journey towards the north. This festival is celebrated mainly like conveying thanks to Sun God for providing energy for farming/Agriculture. And as Author mentioned Offering the sweet pongal made of the rice from the first harvest.

    First day Bhogi , Second day - Thai Pongal , Third day - Mattu Pongal, Fourth day - Kaanum Pongal.

    I think Author has missed 'Mattu Pongal' after Thai Pongal, as every Tamils regards the cattles as source of wealth as in early days, bullocks are the main source of agriculture in ploughing and watering for the cultivation in soil. In this day, Tamil peoples used celebrate with the jallikattu, which is more like to happen this year. lets hope.

    Wish All th e ISCians , AHappy Pongalo Pongal and hope everyone enjoys this festival with their families.

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    good article.after 2 days pongal will come.pongal is a most important festival in tamil nadu.
    at the time of this festival the students and employees in tamilnadu will get a holiday of 3 or 4 days.In pongal festival the peoples put sugercane and vegetables in front of their house.
    wish all the ISCians a happy and prosperous pongal.

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    Wish you all ISCians a happy and prosperous Pongal. In most parts of India this festival is celebrated in different ways. All the States of South India celebrate this festival as harvest festival. In A.P. the first day of Sankranthi festival is Bhogi. On this day people take head bath and wear new clothes. People make fire by using dry Cow dung pidakalu, dried wooden logs, old tyres etc. to drive away cold. It is a must custom in my childhood time but this custom is completely disappeared from cities at present but still this custom is followed in villages. In the evening women folk meet together to celebrate small children with 'bhogi pallu'. Indian berries (Regu fruits) mixed with coins and flower petals and poured oover small children to bless them. Next day is Sankranthi where pongal will be prepared with new rice and jaggery will be offered to God first. Evening boys play with kites and girls doecorate various idols, dolls and toys as bommala koluvu in their house and call neighbours to visit this decorative exhibition. Last day Kanuma will be celebrated by farmers and workers. Farmers decorate their Cows, Buffaloes, Oxes and show their gratidue towards them for their help in their prosperity. Owners and landlords give grains and produce obtained, from the fields to the workers working in their fields.

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    Wishing you all very happy Pongal and Sankranti. Hope we will see Jallikattu in TN for this Pongal as promised by TN CM.

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    I also extend my best wishes on the occasion of Pongal and Makar Sankranti.

    Jallikattu must continue in Tamilnadu as this is a symbol of our culture, which must not be destroyed.

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    Many people thinking that the Pongal is for Tamils only but is actually for all people who are all involving in cultivation of paddy/wheat. The day which begins in Tamil month 'Thai' that is mid january is the day on which the crops are ready for ripe. During this period all farmers are enjoying their yield with their family and friends through the celebration with sweet in those days. Moreover in those days the sweet means sweet pongal made of rice only so, the festival is called as Pongal.
    My Pongal greetings to one and all and especially for farmers.

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    Pongal and Sankranti greetings to all!
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    Wishing you all Happy Makar Shankranti .May,Sun God bless you and your life fills with happiness as the flying kite gets it in the sky,your heart fills with sweetness as til mingled with shakar is.
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    Greetings to everyone on the occasion of all the traditional Indian festivals which are upcoming simultaneously.
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    Wish you a Happy Samkranthi. Sam means good in Sanskrit and Kranthi means light so the meaning in English is Good Light...
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    Today is Makar Sankranti as per Bengali calendar. Many people will take holy dip at Sagar dwip (island) and perform Pooja at the temple of Kapil Muni. My best wishes to the Members of ISC on the occasions of Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Bihu, Bhogi, and other festivals being celebrated in various parts of this great country.
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    Greetings to all members on this Makar Sankranti day- whatever name it is celebrated by them.

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    happy makar sakranti to all seniors and juniors members of the site

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