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    Doubt related to article section

    If the articles posted by us have very less views or no views then we will get points for that
    article or not?
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    First of all try to write in a systematic manner and follow the rules of grammar. For example you have started this post with small i which is incorrect. Follow the rules of writing like capital letter while starting, putting commas where ever possible and full stop where required. All these makes a article most presentable. Moreover the points awarded to any article is not according to the visits by the net user but to the content of the article. The more the detailed content, the more the article would get the points. I have read some articles even got 100 points and 100 as cash credit. One more thing while preparing article use nice heading so that members and the net users should be tempted to visit your pages. Then write a good summary that will add the pep to read your article. Present the body content in such a way that the reader should not get deviated to other pages. And thus you have won and assured of good points and cash credits.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Points and Cash credits awarded to the article is not dependent to the number of views of that article. The points and credits are awarded in reference to the length and quality of that article. If your article is of good quality having authentic information, then you can get upto Rs.100 per article. A well defined and good representation of article will automatically withdraw viewers in ISC. If you wish to get more views, share your articles on social platforms.
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    It seems the author has not gone through the Help topics or the Posting Guidelines as yet as advised. Selvi, please do it so that you get a clear idea about the requirements of this site. Also, do make it a policy to follow a thread that you have posted.
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