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    Who says Delhi-ites lead a busy life?

    There are five ATMs located around my office. After the re-monetization, I have noticed a peculiar trend. I am mentioning this trend.

    Immediately after the announcement made by our Prime Minister on 8th November, 2016, people faced some difficulties to withraw money from ATMs. However, gradually the condition has almost returned to normalcy. The cash is more or less available in the five ATMs which I have mentioned. However, I have noted with curiosity and amusement that out of these five ATMs, there is almost no queue in front of three ATMs , even if cash is available there. However, we always notice long queues in front of other two ATMs.

    This is simply because of the fact that direct sunlight comes to the courtyard where these two ATMs are located. Many people including young men and women stand in the queue, enjoy the sunlight, take peanuts and chat/gossip. Nowadays, even the private sector authorities have become very lenient when the staff seek permission to withdraw cash.

    As a result, when people urgently require cash, they go to any of the other three ATMs, and withdraw cash immediately.

    Who says Delhi-ites lead a very busy life? Who says they don't have time to chat?
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    That was a nice dig and a close observation of the author on what is happening around him should be appreciated. It is not the question of busy life or urgency of money is required. It is the question of meeting friends and others at the ATM pretending waiting at the queue and pass the time so that man hours at the office would reduce for some time. Even officers know that employees can draw from other ATM's which are free and there is no queue, but they also give long rope because, they do not want to disturb the good relations with the employees. So this is called perverted intelligence on the part of employees, and lenience on the part of management. By the way any work done immediately is not appreciated in the office. An employee takes his own time to finish the work no matter it is urgent or immediate and the same rule applies here and the management has to succumb to this drama.
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    I am hearing this kind of incident for the first time. As heard through news reports, 2.3 degree celsius has been recorded in New Delhi. So, Delhities would definitely love to take sunlight in the early morning in the early morning just to warm up their body. But in front of ATMs, this sounds strange enough.
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