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    Where we stand for Uniform Civil Code Bill? What we can do about it to get it passed earliest?

    We are all aware about the Uniform Civil Code. Do you think we, as citizens of India, can do something to pressurize the government to get it passed? Or should there be an effort to involve the Judiciary in the issue? Do you have any suggestions? Follow this discussion to know different opinions from our members.

    While we all are aware about what is Uniform Civil Code, there is not much done post BJP elected as choice of people. Last update was Tufail Ahmad who prepared draft version of UCC in November 2016. Now what is next? How can common people of India pressurize or do anything which can get this bill passed? What are the different ways and efforts required to get this implemented?
    Can a signature petition ( of Indian citizens) be considered for bringing about this change through Supreme Court?
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    India now wants a Uniform law to protect the citizens especially the women from dominance of male after the marriage and increasing number of harassment in a particular community and more over increasing number of marriages one person does and having more children is hindering the process of government motto to have one family and two child. So NDA government is serious to bring out a unified and law and even sought the suggestions and objections if any. BJP need not worry about the majority in the LS. So soon after the budget session, this one will be passed.
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    Uniform Law is the need of time.Govt .and Opposition want the participation of women in all the field.First an Opinion Poll should be conducted.Then it should be passed by parliamentarians.
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    Uniformity of laws in a country is essential for sustained development. Politicians are responsible for enacting different codes for different religion just to meet their political aspirations. Once laws are formed they create dis balance as well as dissatisfaction in the society. The same society once fully aware of pitfalls of such differentiation talks and starts fight for uniform codes.
    Today there is a strong demand for uniform civil code. In fact the citizens of a sovereign country should be bound by same codes, rules and regulations anywhere in that country. Otherwise public will lose the faith in Govt for its inability to adopt uniform codes in totality for its masses.
    If codes are not uniform then there is a grave danger of people forming distinct groups enjoying certain exemptions without merit.
    Adoption of uniform civil code will eventually lead to better integration among the various religions, sects and groups of our country.

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    This is right Umesh, this is also should apply the rule for everyone sustained development.

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    Immediately after independence, our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru donned the hat of social reformer and changed the Hindu Marriage Act, despite severe objections from various quarters, including objection from Rajendra Prasad, India's first President. At the same time, he refused to modify Muslim and Christian marriages. This was treated as appeasement. However, the issue of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) was mentioned in the Directive Principles of the Constitution of India, which are legally not enforceable.
    From then onwards, almost all politicial parties have been dilly-dallying with UCC despite many directives from the Supreme Court of India. It is beyond doubt that this is being done as a part of so-called 'vote bank' politics. These political parties think that if UCC is brought, various minority communities won't vote for these political parties. At the same time, failure to bring UCC has made the majority community angry and a lot of distrust has been generated among various communities.
    In this connection, it is also germane that UCC has been in vogue in the state of Goa without any problem. Recently, many progressive women from Muslim community have strongly opposed the triple 'talaq' issue and supported the demand of UCC. Taking this opportunity, the biggest political party of India in present days, BJP, has been raising these two issues in various platforms.
    Let us hope for the best. Let us hope that UCC be enforced all over India bringing the country a step closer to true secularsim which has been included in the Preamble of the Constitution of India by 42nd Amendment.

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    Further to my previous reesponse (#588367), I would like to quote B.R. Ambedkar on the issue of Uniform Civil Code (UCC): "I personally do not understand why religion should be given this vast, expansive jurisdiction, so as to cover the whole of life and to prevent the legislature from encroaching upon that field." Although Ambedkar was firmly in favour of UCC in the country, he could only put UCC in Directive Principles (Article 44 of the Constitution) instead of putting it in Fundamental Rights, due to steadfast opposition from Nehru.
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    Hi Partha,
    I appreciate your feedback and knowledge on UCC. There are lot of forums and articles for UCC. My intention to start this forum is to find out way to expedite the UCC bill introduction and pass process. I request all to post comments based on what has been said in forum question and now on details of what it means.

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    Mr. Avi: The issue has been discussed in ISC a number of times. Even if you search the Articles section, you will find more than one article on this issue.
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    Avi, I doubt whether we would be able to generate any public pressure in this connection because there are difference of opinion particularly among the Muslim community. Judicial intervention in a strict form also need not be expected. Uniform Civil Code can materialize only by political will and that does not appear to be easy! I feel that we should start off with a code containing ifs and buts and gradually transform the same covering all religions and castes.

    Partha, I think it was Nehru who first propagated the theory of Uniform Civil Code but was unable to execute the same due to opposition from the likes of Patel and Rajendra Prasad. If Ambedkar was so keen about UCC, I don't understand why he took up the cause of reservation which is, in one way or the other, a reason for all discrimination that is continuing till date.

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    Mr. Ganesh (#588671): Your view about Nehru's support to Uniform Civil Code is totally incorrect. Like many other issues, in this case also Nehru planted the seed of acrimonious dispute/ill-feeelings among various communities after his life-time.
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    well , i think we can increase the pressure on BJP government through the social media {Twitter }, used by the party during 2014 polls for campaign to win the election later. Moreover the BJP have also earned a title as the fast in using social media platforms for both noting and addressing various issues .

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    Uniform Civil Code is a topic of discussion since long. Nehru our first prime minister was responsible for the present day status of our country. All the political leaders in the country is opposing this Bill keeping their vote bank politics. Reservations is also another issue. Nehru planted the seed of ill-feelings among various communities in the country. No congress leader tried for changing these laws. But definitely BJP will do something towards changing these laws.
    Unfortunately many people in India are not aware of the ill doings of the political leaders and support them innocently . The learned people should make the villagers and unknown people aware about these issues and everybody should see that the present government will get the confidence of coming back for power. We can use this social media to inform the views of majority people to Govt and can organize signature petitions so the government will take some positive actions in these aspects.

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    Dr Srinivasa Rao, please do not pull up threads that are ten or more days older and are no longer active by responding to them.
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