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    Just imagine if RBI would have introduced 5000 and 10000 rupees notes as planned ?

    It seems the RBI has suggested to the government to introduce high denomination notes of 5000 and 10000 rupees and even readied the high security note for approval. And it was the PM Modi's decision to introduce only 2000 denomination and not more than that. Just imagine if the RBI foolishness was to be agreed and then what would have been the state of affairs of the people who were facing the wrath of small currency shortage and unable to get the 2000 rupee note redeemed. Sometimes the officers give wrong suggestion to government and it was the forward looking thought of PM prevented the worst thing from happening.
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    This would have created chaos and huge panic among people especially to those who belong to middle class and lower class families. Now a days, most of the ATMs are emitting only Rs.2000 note. Even in this situation, it is quite difficult to get change of Rs.2000 note as most of the shopkeepers and other vendors are also facing the same issue. Unfortunately, if 5000 and 10000 notes were released then the entire ongoing economy could have disrupted in the nation. People would not have been able to buy their necessary things.
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    OMG! The prominent and influenced black money holders of our country must have used a small handbag or brief case instead of large number of big suit cases to accommodate their black money manipulated through the bank managers . Our nations Daddy Mr. Modi has applied his brain and thought it well to stop it by introducing a 2000 rupee note.
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    Just imagine the planning of Shekar Reddy and other big fraudsters, who would have easily converted black money to white with those big notes.
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