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    Selfie mania brings insecure feelings about looking good

    It has become habit for every one to take innumerable selfies on daily basis and upload the same in the social media and it has become fashion to load the photos with different kind of gesturing and thus getting rave comments in the social media. Now the doctors are getting more patients to them asking for total make over of their face as some patients have the feelings that their face is not attractive and not suitable for selfie photos. This kind of demand is coming from the youth and college going girls. The Delhi plastic surgeons and other doctors are having good inflow of such patients.
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    I fully agree. The craze of clicking selfie signifies that people are very insecure about their looks. This craze of clicking selfie is causing accidents, injuries and also mental disbalance.
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    Yes, few days ago I saw a news report regarding Selfie-mania. Now, the people make different poses for looking good while taking selfies. They usually tilt their head or shrink their face to look good in the Selfies. This selfie-mania is mostly observed with the young girls who take more selfies in comparison to men. According to medical science experts, if a people is taking more than 6 selfies a day then it is dangerous for his/her health. This selfie addiction has led many injuries, deaths, accidents, hence people must be aware about Selfie-mania.
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    true but i think it depends on person to person.

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