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    Involvement in work brings in good name and credit

    Many of us expect monetary benefit and direct applause from others for every work we do. And where there is no monetary benefit we are reluctant to do a work. But to my astonishment, a bus conductor stopped the bus in every stop on the way and came out telling the route in vernacular language.
    As I saw this for the second day, I appreciated his action. His reply raised his image further. He said, 'Sir, this city is receiving many people from outskirt areas and especially in the morning such alert definitely will help them'.
    I have seen such conductors in other cities like Madurai, Coimbatore and Salem but this is the first time I am seeing one in Chennai and that too with such involvement in his duty. Whether the department is or is not appreciating him, the surrounding people and the passengers will definitely applaud this.
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    I too appreciate the conductors. But the conductors are questionable if they don't make the revenue to the transport department. Generally, only private bus conductors do this job of calling the passengers by uttering the destination name. Government bus conductors will never do this. There are also government busconductors who do this when there is no rush.
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    Good that the author made a great observation on the behavior pattern of people especially the conductor which is surely going to benefit the corporation. I have also seen that some of the bus conductors in Hyderabad do shout at every bus stop about the route course of the bus and would stop even between stops if elderly persons gestures to board the bus. Such conductors must be awarded for their undisputed patronage of the corporation. I have also seen that before the bus stop comes, it s customary for every conductor to say which stop is coming in advance. That would benefit the new passengers immensely. In Hyderabad the bust conductor would also tell which colony or popular place is nearby to alight at that particular stop. For example when Afzalgunj bus stop comes he would say alight here for Salarjung Museum and Osmania general hospital. Such dedicated conductors are asset to the corporation.
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