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    Let the bulls live happily. Let the bulls enjoy its life with Jallikattu.

    I do not know why the central goverment is against Jallikattu(controlling a bull) which is a century old ancinent game that is practiced in the south India to test the might of the youth and the bull. It is a bravery game. There are voluteer youths and their families who wish to show their bravery in controlling a bull to win prizes or to lose or even to die. In fact, the bull enjoys such fights with the human being. The bull which is many times stronger than the human being is not affected by this game. The bull is fed well, treated well, tamed and trained well with utmost care. It is treated like a King to fight and show its might. Every bull owner feel proud of being the owner of the brave bull which cannot be controlled by any mighty youth group.

    There should not be any ban for this game of bravery. The animal lovers should love this game too. Centre should give permission to conduct this Jallikattu during the Pongal days.

    Members, Are you for it or against Jallikattu?
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    I am in favour of Jallikattu. There is absolutely no problem in this adventerous and entertaining sports. I fully support continuation of Jallikattu in Tamilnadu.
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    While I am not against the game of Jallikattu which shall show case the youth power against the charging bull, what I am also foreseeing a impending danger of life for the youths who wont take precautions and even a small mistake in front of a charging bull would prove futile and brutal and some times even death. On a festive day no family would love to loose their near and dear ones. Only on this pretext the Central government was against it. Moreover the bulls are made to drink alcohol and their behavior pattern also changes after the jallikattu is over and the animal cannot be controlled normally.
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    I Support Jallikattu as it is south Indians Century old tradition. Let me explain the conspiracy behind the block as per my knowledge, which I read.. Unlike foreign bulls , our Indian bulls can service up to 40 cows. So with the bulls in India, foreign semen selling companies are not able see the productivity going up . That is artificial insemination in south India is very less due to the availability of bulls. So in order to get rid of the bulls, western companies are funding the cases of the animal activists' and the so called PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is not an Indian organization, its an American company which is trying to provide control of our cattle industry to the western companies, whereas in their own country they cant stop/ban anything.

    And yes our youth has to take precautions and careful while playing such a brave sport. But the reports of bulls are given alcohol and they are not controllable are not proven facts. Bulls participating in Jallikattu were raised and treated like gods by the farmers.

    And the judges who judging this case doesn't know the tradition and doesn't even know why we do this. They talk based on the prove that animals are treated bad. What will happen, if they keep on banning this, atlas the bulls will go for the butchers shop. Will they come and ban that.

    Government has to step in and take up this as serious and keep our tradition and in a way western companies away from our cattle industry.
    This is my opinion on jallikattu ban.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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